Friday, May 30, 2014

Abby's First Email


Mom! My P day at the MTC is Wednesday, but we depart next Wednesday morning so I probably won't get to email you next week. But it's super great here! I'm glad you're telling people I'm alright, because I am. I had a rough day the last couple of days, just with feeling inadequate and self-conscious, but I have amazing teachers who sat down with me and read some scriptures and talked me through it--Brother Rasmussen and Brother Derenthal. They just came in. Our other teachers are Brother Griffiths and Sister Westover. And get this: Sister Westover served a mission in Edmonton, Canada, AND she had a Sister Brittany Reese as a companion. How weird is that?? I love them so much. Brother Griffiths is our investigator--he acts as one that he taught on his mission in Boston. We've been doing alright teaching him, but there's something missing and I'm not quite sure what. Our other investigator, Patricia Bergin, is amazing. We taught her for the first time on Monday and we just love her. She's awesome. We got kind of personal about out experiences with the gospel, but I think she really needed to hear it. My companion is awesome at teaching. Sometimes, I start to go one direction and she totally changes it to a better one! She's great. She has some quirks, but I've learned to love her. She's from St. Louis, Missouri, but her family is moving to Maryland while she's gone. We're a lot alike in some ways and in other we're totally different. Our teaching styles are different and we go about things in different ways with the same results. The rest of the district is awesome. Sister Bennett and Sister Hatch are leaving on Monday so we're have to say good-bye before we leave. I'm kind of sad about that. Also, we will have to say good-bye to Elder Harper, who is probably my favorite elder in our district. He reminds me so much of Hunter that it's like home. I think that will be really hard to do too. He's awesome and has been an answer to my prayers :) Elders Bean, Mo'O, and Nielson are all coming with us so we won't have to say good-bye yet. I'm really glad because they are amazing too. Elder Mo'O is our DL and he's awesome at it. I am so grateful that I got such a wonderful district. We're the best one! We get a new district who will be part of our zone today and I'm really excited to meet them. There are four sisters and two elders--all going to New York City North mission. It'll be great to get to know them. Our leader district left yesterday and I miss the Sister Training Leaders--Sister Wells and Sister Cisco. They were awesome

I can definitely feel everyone's prayers. It's amazing to be able to see the Lord working in your life while you're here. It's only been a week but I have already changed so much for the better. Imagine who I'll be when I come home! It's absolutely incredible to see the changes in all of these people that I've gotten to know. We all feel like we've known each other for years even though it has only been a week.

How is Hunter liking his new job? I think he needs to write me or email me. Dear Elder letters are free while I'm here! 

Church was awesome. I really needed it. We could choose a video to go to later that night and our district went to the Character of Christ video. It's a talk by Elder Bednar that you can only see in the MTC. It changed my life. Made me want to be so much better. That's what we're here for though, right? 

You haven't gotten new phones yet? totally expected that to happen like right away!

I almost forgot! Elder Russell M Nelson came and spoke at our devotional yesterday! He and his wife are amazing. I could just feel the love radiating from them. It was an amazing talk. I'm so glad we got to be in the presence of an Apostle. We had a meeting afterward and I cried, but one look at Elder Harper made me smile again. He just makes me smile so much because he reminds me of home. And he's funny!

I miss you guys every day and I pray for you every day. I hope you're all doing great. I got your package and I was so excited! You should've seen me. I had told Elder Bean that you were sending me a yellow scarf eventually and he guessed part of the package.

I love you! 

Always <3,
Sister Reese

P.S. I need a new camera...mine won't keep a battery. But I can use it until you can send one. Oh and we're calling at the airport before our flight takes off at 11:17! Be ready. who should I call?? Send it through the mail because I won't be able to get on here before I leave!


Daddy! You'll probably read my email to Mom so I won't go into a ton of detail. It's cool that you went to the graduation party for them! I'm sure they enjoyed it. I miss Shelley and Gretchen. Glad they still know me though! It's funny that they knew you as my dad. 

Keep telling people I'm doing great because I am! I love it here so much. My district is amazing. One of the elders (Elder Harper) reminds me of Hunter so much! It makes the MTC feel even more like home. 

I miss Duke! Can you maybe send me a picture of him? He's the only member of the family I don't have a picture of. 

We went to the temple today. It was an amazing experience and it helped me a lot. I had a hard last couple days but two of my teachers, Brother Derenthal and Brother Rasmussen, sat me down and gave me scriptures and comfort stuff. It helped a lot and so did the temple. The Provo Temple is great. It's so beautiful and so big. We went up at least three floors. The Celestial Room is amazing. I'm so glad that I had the opportunity to go and that I'll have more in the field.

We leave the MTC next Wednesday at 11: 17. I told Mom but you'll remember better :) I'll be calling you sometime before that so let me know who I should call! I know Hunter has summer school, but hopefully I'll be able to call him anyway. 

The first lesson is on the Restoration now and it's an awesome message. It's really hard to teach it personally though, but we're trying to. The two investigators we have are great. Patricia is what they call a Golden Tag investigator, meaning she gets paid to play an investigator. But she's amazing and I love her. Wayne is played by our teacher, Brother Griffiths and we're doing alright with him. There's something missing though and I don't know what it is. Preparing to serve a mission is so important. I know I didn't prepare as well as I could have but it is still the best decision I've made in my life. I can feel your prayers so much. It's amazing to see God's hand in my life. I've changed to much already and I know I'll change even more. 

I sent another letter a couple days ago. Hopefully you'll get it soon if you haven't already. I got your package and I was so excited! You should've seen me. 

Um...I think I need a new camera. the one I have won't keep a battery life. I tried different types but I think it's the camera and not the battery. I can wait until you can find a new one though.

I love you so much, Dad, and I am so grateful to have you for a daddy. I don't think I realized what an incredible father you are until now. I love you, and I pray for you. 

Always <3,
Sister Reese