Monday, June 30, 2014

A Hard Week for Abby


This week was hard. It was awesome, but it was hard. We had a whole bunch of meetings, and I got to see my MTC district again, which was great. I got a picture, but now I don't know when I'll see them again, but I know I will. I learned so much at these meetings. It's incredible to be able to receive inspiration for our investigators and for our area. President and Sister Gelwix gave their last training on Wednesday, so that was hard, but Sister Gelwix mentioned to me how much she had seen me change in the last three weeks since I'd gotten here and that she wanted me to come visit, or something along those lines. President Gelwix said, "I have seen you change in three weeks. You are going to be fine." It really helped me to remember that I will be okay, and I've tried to remember that this whole week.

We didn't have any success this week. Or that's how it feels. Our numbers were down, and I know I shouldn't focus on them, but the numbers represent people, and we didn't have those people. It was hard, especially when Elder Grisenti, our district leader, called us and asked what happened. He sounded so disappointed and I felt so...disappointed and ashamed, I guess. I don't want to be a disappointment and I know that as long as I continue to strive to do my best, we will be able to yield the best results. And I know that all of your prayers are helping. I can definitely feel them and I know what power they have.

My ankle is fine, by the way. It is mostly healed now, but we're probably going to see the guy who owned the dog this week. It's okay though. He will become a new investigator! Our plans for the Fourth are as yet up in the air. If we don't have members who will take us in for the night, we have to be in our apartment by 6:30. I will go stir crazy. But we think that the Kuhns, some of the most amazing members ever, will let us come over to their house, maybe watch a movie and fireworks with them. It'll be fun!

OH! I almost forgot. Did I tell you that Jenny Grunke emailed me? She emailed me last week and she said that she was proud of me and also that two sister missionaries knocked on her door. She let them in because she thought of me! Isn't that just the coolest thing ever?? It made my day!

My EFY CDs should be in one of the big CD cases by the TV. I'm pretty sure I put them in the less full one. If you can't find them, you can always buy gospel music CDs for me :)

I love the Ensign! I can't read it until after my training period, but I'm excited that we get them. I'm glad you shared that quote with me because I needed it. I felt like a total failure this week and I don't like feelings that way. I am striving everyday to find those people who are prepared and I am striving to become exactly obedient. I know God is aware of that.

I'm so glad that I have the support of my family. It has been a blessing and I know that you are always going to be there for me. Also, I have been praying for Dad because I know he is at Scout Camp this week and he was probably really stressed. Like always.

I love you!

Always <3,
Sister Abigail Reese


This week was hard, but I know that I will do better in the upcoming week. We had 0's in our key indicator report and that meant that we didn't teach any nonmembers. It was hard to face that reality and I was so disappointed in myself. Then Elder Grisenti, our district leader, called and he sounded disappointed and it was hard to handle. We can always do better and I know that we will as we continue on with faith in God and Christ and with love for those we are serving.

I remembered you were going to scout camp this week so I was praying because I know how stressed out you get while you are getting ready to go. I wasn't sure if Hunter was going with you this year or not, but I assumed not since he has summer school.

(We went to see West Side Story at the Nampa Civic Center) Was that the one Karinya was in? I'm sad I didn't get to see it, but I bet it was good. The storyline is messed up, but it is so true how the world is. I am working hard to touch the lives of many while I am here and I know I can do it as I rely on Christ.

That dog is such an idiot sometimes. (She is talking about our beloved dog, Duke :) But he's so funny and strange and I miss him. I have decided that I don't like small dogs. Because of the one that bit me actually. I miss my German Shepherd mix dog. Oh, we met a guy who had a German shepherd/lab mix. He kind of looked like Duke but his fur was a little lighter. I wish I could have gotten a picture. He reminded me of Duke a lot.

Was Albuquerque hot?? (Bill went to Albuquerque for work) It's supposed to get up to 112 degrees this week here in Fresno! I'm not really looking forward to it. But God will protect us.

So my companion just found out her best friend's family is moving to Middleton soon! Their last name is Garrett. You'll have to look out for them!

Dad, I love you and I know that you are praying for me. I can feel you prayers. Thank you so much for all you have done and do for me. I love you!

Always <3,
Sister Abigail Reese

Monday, June 23, 2014

The One Month Mark - A Great Day


I am glad that thinking of me makes your day better. Usually when I think of all of you at home, it makes me really happy and kind of homesick at times too, but it gives me strength to remember why I am doing this and to remember how much support I have at home. Also to remember that you all are being blessed while I am here.

I'm good. This week was pretty great, though some days were kind of hard. Monday was a little difficult because we went to see the Hill family whose daughter left on her mission on Tuesday. We got to visit with her before she left and I think it helped her a lot. Brother Hill is in the bishopric and asked me about my experience saying good-bye to y'all. It was a little difficult to talk about but I know it helped him a lot. Tracting is a lot better now as I think confidence and rely on the Spirit to pick a street. As long as we make it fun, it's not too bad. And I even have begun to gain more confidence in approaching people on the street. I have to talk to people at gas stations too and the first one that I was proud of us ended up being atheist, but it's okay. She'll come around.

Sister Ard is great. She has really helped me to see my potential as a missionary and she has helped me overcome some of my fears of missionary work. She has such a drive and she wants to do her best and be exactly obedient. Her family is inactive and she wants to go back to them with the attitude that she did exactly what she needed to do. I have come to be so much more grateful that I had such an amazing childhood with my family and that you and Dad raised me to be the woman I am today. I am grateful that you have helped me to budget and that we are not poor by any means. Her family has money problems and I have grown to see the blessing that I've had in ours.

I am so excited to meet President Clark! And his wife of course. I was praying for him the other day and I just had this overwhelming feeling of love for them. Also, I felt like he was exactly what I would need as a missionary. They will be here in a week, and though I am sad to see President and Sister Gelwix leave, I know President and Sister Clark will be what we as a mission need.

I was thinking about Sister Jensen the other day! Weird. I was thinking about some of the things she told me before I left about her mission. It helped me a lot. I am glad there are people at home who still remember me. I love Sister Okamura! It's funny because I have been praying for your primary class, and I have been putting in my prayers that you will either love your calling or get released. I hope you know I pray for you everyday, multiple times.

I was thinking about Hunter all day yesterday and I was praying for him. Sister Ard and I spoke in Sacrament which was kind of fun actually. We were sitting by the Sacrament table though and it occurred to me that Hunter could bless the Sacrament now. He emailed me last week and told me that he did miss me but not enough for me to be at home. It occurred to me the other day that maybe what I'm doing here is as much for the benefit of myself and the people here as it is for my family, particularly Hunter. I hope that as I am here he will have a desire to go on a mission too. You haven't gotten new phones yet? Totally expected that to happen like right after I left. So is my phone still active??

I did get a package on Wednesday--we had zone conference and they brought them. However, we had an appointment right after so I didn't have time to get the package. But I'll probably get it today. My zone leaders have it so hopefully they will remember to bring it. I will definitely look forward to opening these packages.

I can feel your prayers and I know they are part of the reason that I am pushing forward and learning to focus more and more on the work. I know that you love me and miss me and I know that you know that I am doing what I need to here. I love you and pray for you too.

Always <3,
Sister Abigail Reese.

PS If you are in Salt Lake City (like you would be haha) on July 13, Sister Gelwix is reporting on hers and President's mission at 12:30 at 3070 Nia Way in Salt Lake. They said if our parents wanted to go they'd love to meet them :)


My month mark was on Saturday. I remember because I put it in my planner and I told myself it was going to be a great day. And it was. We tracted a lot, but it was okay because we picked a great street. My companion had me pick the street because something I am working on is following every prompting that the Spirit gives me. I picked a street and I know there is a reason that we went there. There was someone there whose life we touched even if they weren't interested right then.

I was thinking about Hunter all day yesterday. We spoke in Sacrament and so we were really close to the priests who were blessing it. It occurred to me that Hunter could bless the Sacrament after yesterday and it made me a little sad that I couldn't be there for his ordination, but I know that he knows I was thinking about him and he knows I am here doing a good work.

I miss camping! Not hiking, but camping. I hope you'll take lots of pictures when you go to the property next month.

This week has been kind of hard in the aspect of me thinking of all of you. There was a young woman in the ward I am serving in who left for her mission to Peru on Tuesday. We had the chance to visit with her and her family on Monday night and I know I needed it as much as they did. Her father is in the bishopric and he asked me about when I said good-bye to you. She flew from here so they didn't even get to go to the MTC, but I told him of my experience and how hard it can be, but I know it will get better.

I know there are so many people here who have helped me. I think of my family at home and that gives me strength even when I miss them with all my heart. I think of the district I had at the MTC and the fact that they are doing the same thing I am and it gives me strength. So many things that are hard to remember give me so much strength because it reminds me that I can get through this. I pray everyday, every morning, that God will help me get through today. I have to take it one day at a time sometimes because I know that if I think too far ahead, I get overwhelmed or I get homesick or it's just hard. I am grateful that we find people here who are so kind to us and who let us pray with them or even just give us water and food. I know the Lord will bless their lives even if they didn't want to hear our message. Those are the saviors that I see. I see those people we talk to and who let us pray with them or give us water as miracles and as saviors because they give me the hope that we will find more people like them who are prepared to hear the gospel.

We had zone conference this week so I met a lot of missionaries who I didn't know before. I also got to see most of my MTC district. Knowing that they are facing some of the same things I am helps me to know that we are in this together.

We have a new investigator! Her name is Nariko and she is from the Marshall Islands. I haven't met her because we were on exchanges when Sister Ard and Sister Tautuiaki went by the Green home. They are former investigators. A member asked us to go by about a week ago and we are positive that she is ready to hear our message now. I am so grateful for that.

I know that God is with me everyday. I know He is here and I know that He loves me and He wants me to be happy and to serve Him with my best. I am trying to do that everyday. I can feel your prayers and the prayers of everyone else who is praying for me. I got a letter from Grandma this week, and Todd's family and Aunt Nancy and Uncle Tom had all written me a little note in it. It made my day so much brighter. I am so grateful for our family. Oh! Which reminds me--can you maybe send me the addresses of Todd, Grandpa Luckey, Grandma and Grandpa Light, and I think that's it. If I think of any others I'll tell you.
I love you, Dad, and I pray for all of you everyday multiple times a day. Thank you for all the support you've given me.

Always <3,
Sister Abigail Reese