Friday, July 18, 2014

Learning How to Read a Map :)

So apparently I look like I'm from Russia. My companion's physical therapist, George (he's a member), thought I as from Russia. When he found out I was from Idaho, he was shocked. It was kind of funny. 

I made it through my first transfer! We are staying here for the transfer, which is great. Lots of things I feel like I still need to do. Now, what those are I am not sure, but I know God will help us figure that out.

We had an appointment with the owner of the dog biter--his name is Chuck--on Wednesday. We taught him the whole Plan of Salvation. We think he is Seventh Day Adventist. There were some huge differences in certain things about it. But I think it was mostly about interpretation. We have another appointment with him on Wednesday. He locked his dog up for me so that the dog didn't bite me again. He was still barking through most of the lesson but that's okay.

There were a couple days where all of our plans seemed to be falling through. It was hard and frustrating and I just wanted to give up. I knew I couldn't because that wasn't what Heavenly Father wanted and I would have felt guilty and like a failure. But it was hard. We sat in the car for a while trying to decide where we were needed. My companion just sat there, but I know she was trying to help me to figure it out. I really need to work on communication. It's key. But we love each other and we have had a lot of fun together this week! We've laughed a lot and I am glad we are starting to be better friends. Probably partially because her best friend's family lives in my hometown, which I still think is crazy. Do you know what ward they will be in when their house is done??

Speaking of hometown, crazy stuff happened! The Nielson family, in the ward I'm serving in, is moving to Meridian! So she'll be close. I was excited and I told them a lot about the area...or as much as I knew. And THEN yesterday, we had an appointment with a less active, but he forgot and all of his family was there. They let us in anyway. There was a couple there from Visalia, where Sister Ard served before here, and they recognized her! They weren't in the ward she had served in, but they still knew her. It was pretty crazy. And--even crazier--their son just got home from his mission in Provo. His mission president was President John McCune, who I am almost positive was a mission president in Caldwell! He is from Caldwell--I asked. I thought it was the coolest thing ever! 

Hunter probably had a blast on Trek. I remember when we went. Where did they go? I am pretty sure I heard they weren't going clear to Wyoming (that's where we went right?). Dad told me he was nice to a girl who needed it. I'm glad. He is a great kid when he wants to be. Where was Dad? I miss Olive Garden!

I hope you do take lots of picture and tell everyone that I love them and I'mpraying for them. I miss you all and I hope you have a blast. I know I am supposed to be here even though I miss camping. I love this Gospel and I know that this is where I am supposed to be, here in the Alluvial ward. I can see the blessings that are coming from my being here and I am grateful for them. I hope you can too.

I love you and I miss you! Oh, also, in the next two or three weeks, one Monday I may not email you. But that Tuesday I will. Members are going to take us to Yosemite National Park one Monday, but I am not sure when. I'll let you know!

Always <3,
Sister Abigail Reese

It's crazy that in a week, I will be at my two-month mark! I can't believe it! I made it through my first transfer and it seemed to go by so slow, but now I'm looking back and it went by so fast! I can't believe I only have like sixteen months left...I say only. I love being here. I love being a missionary. It's the best thing I could be doing right now. I sometimes miss some things so much that it hurts, like my family, but as long as I refocus on what I'm doing and why I'm doing it, I know I can make it through those hard times. I know I'm here for a reason and I know that what I'm doing is good. I'm touching lives and I am helping people and I am so grateful for that. companion is trying to teach me how to read a map. It's going okayish. I got us lost as I tried to direct her where to go when we were going to visit a less active. It was an adventure! But I think I really need a GPS...where should I go to get that? I'm worried that I will be leading this area after this transfer, and I don't want to get lost or anything. 

Hunter is a good kid. When he wants to be.  I hope Hunter continues to seek to be kind to everyone he sees. You never know who needs a kind word or a smile or even a laugh.

I wasn't sure if you were going to Copper Basin this week or next week! I thought it would be next week, but I wasn't sure. There will probably be a week in the next three or four weeks that I will email you on a Tuesday instead of Monday because a member in the ward I'm serving in has offered to take us to Yosemite National Park so we are going to go with them one of these Mondays. It'll be fun!

How big is Duke now?? I bet he's huge! I'm a little worried about how he's going to react when I get home in case he knocks me over or something...

Speaking of dogs, you remember the man whose dog bit me? He's our new investigator! We taught him the Plan of Salvation and he had a lot of questions. We think he is Seventh Day Adventist, but we're not sure. They have super similar beliefs but there are some really big differences that will be hard to overcome. It's okay though! He wants to meet with us again. His dog was locked up so he didn't bite me again, which was good. I'm really glad we met with him though. 

There were a couple days this week that weren't so great. Things just weren't going our way. We made plans that fell through. We didn't know where to go and my companion--who is trying to help me--just sat there and let me try to figure it out. And I just felt like I couldn't. But I learned from that that we can just pick a place and if it's not where God wants us, He will tell us. This next transfer, I am going to try really hard to grow even more.

I know that this is where I am meant to be. I made it through one transfer. I can make it through the next twelve...not that I'm counting. I love this Gospel and I know that I can become the best missionary I can be and the person God is shaping me to be. I love you and I am grateful for your prayers, support, and love. 

Always <3
Sister Abigail Reese

PS YOU GOT A YELLOW FOUR WHEELER?? Of course, AFTER I left. That's okay. Something to look forward to!

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