Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Temple Day


It has been a long week for me too. I have been having migraines and you know how great those are. But it's okay. I got a blessing on Saturday. It was the craziest thing because I wasn't going to ask for one but we were practicing our musical number with a couple elders and an elder that I look up to and love walked in and I had thought of him when I wanted a blessing. When I asked him for one, and I told him why, he told me that it was inspired he was there that day. It was a really cool experience to see how God truly works in the lives of His missionaries.

I'm so proud of him! (Hunter) I wasn't sure if he started tryouts this week or last week so I've just been praying for him to prepare for that and school. When does he start school? I know it's soon but I wasn't sure when. I'm glad your class is going well. I wish I could help! But I am in spirit...

I'm good. I've just been really missing everyone at home, but I'm trying really hard to remember to focus on what I am doing here. It's important that I focus everyday on my purpose and on how I can help the people in the area I am serving in now. We actually have someone that we are going to teach on Thursday. Her name is Rachel. Elder Moreno and Elder Grisenti tracted a "ghetto" in our area and found her. She sounds really nice. We called and set up an appointment with her. Hopefully we will be able to meet with her and help her know the truth for herself. I know she has four kids. I don't know their ages though. I am super grateful for Elder Moreno and Elder Grisenti though.

Yes, I am waiting for CDs. Transfers on in two weeks. I will most likely not be with Sister Ard anymore since she is my trainer and we are almost done with twelve weeks. But it's okay. I love her and she has helped me so much but I know the Lord has plans for me. I really don't care what journal you send me. Just take the one on the top of the pile. I don't really remember which journals I have. I took the ones I wanted with me here. I have one that I am writing in now but based on how fast I went through the one Hunter got me for Christmas, I may need another soon...

I'm glad you got my package! Sorry it was so late! I didn't know you got a new entertainment center. What does it look like?? I like that plaque. It totally fits you perfectly.

New members? That's awesome! We got some new families in the ward I'm serving in and they are great. Sister Gardner--one of the new ones--took us to the temple this morning. She loves missionaries and she is so awesome. Don't forget the candy bars! They will be upset if you do.

I love being here even when it's hard and even when I miss everyone and everything. I know God is working miracles through my hands and I hope I can do it justice. I love you and I hope everything is going well for you. I pray for you all everyday and I hope you know that. I also hope you can see the blessings that are in our lives because of this. I love you!

Always <3,
Sister Abigail Reese

PS I haven't heard from your friend recently but I may email her if I have time! Also, will you please tell Hunter to email me. You have to remind him or he wont' do it.


We had a busy day yesterday! I am glad we got to go to the temple this morning. It was a great experience. I miss the temple so much and I will probably be going a lot more when I come home. Last night, we went to dinner with the Dockstaders. They are awesome and they took us out to this really yummy restaurant. There was a man there who was a former stake president in Los Angeles. He came and talked to us because we are missionaries. He gave us his number and told us to call if we ever need any dental work done and he would take care of it. He has businesses all over. I was so grateful and it made my day. It's so awesome when people talk to us just because we are missionaries.

It's raining in Pittsburg? (Bill is in Pittsburg this week) They should send some to us....the drought here is horrible and I hope that we get rain soon. I miss rain.

I have been praying that Hunter will do well at tryouts. I hope he tries his best and always remembers that that is all he can do. Duke is funny. He always wants to go places. I miss him. I see big dogs and I think of him. I am not so afraid of them anymore, mostly. If they aren't barking at me, anyway. I don't like little dogs though. They are ridiculous.

I love seeing missionaries! We saw a couple missionaries at the restaurant we were at last night. They serve in the employment office here. It was great. (Bill saw some missionaries when he was getting gas in Coeur d'Alene last week and he spoke to them) I'm glad you talked to them. It always makes my day. I'm sure they were intimidated though. I would be too. I'm surprised they were getting gas in their service clothes. We usually don't do that. But I'm glad you talked to them! Did you ask where they were from??

This week, I've been having migraines. There have been countless times where I wanted to ask you what I could do but I figured it out on my own, even though it was hard. It was really frustrating to have  migraines everyday and not be able to concentrate. I still have been having headaches but the Lord blesses me as we work.

We had an appointment with a potential investigator this week. We talked about Jesus Christ with him but when we brought in the Book of Mormon, he kind of drew back. He was honest with us and said he wasn't interested in our Church but he felt the Spirit and he thanked us for helping him learn more of Christ. I know we planted a seed even if he wasn't interested right then.

We have an appointment with a woman named Rachel on Thursday. The Spanish elders found her for us and we are super excited! I hope that we will be able to help her to find the truth for herself.

I hope you have a good week in Pittsburgh! I know how much you love to travel. I pray for you everyday and I hope you know how much I love you. Did you get my package?? I love you!

Always <3,
Sister Abigail Reese

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