Sunday, May 17, 2015

Mother’s Day, Transfers and a Long Week!

Abby didn't send any pictures this week, but here is her email.

Dear Family,

This week was really long. Probably because it was the week of transfers and those are always long for me, for some reason. It was really good to see you all yesterday though! I really enjoyed it even though it was hard for me and made me a little homesick. I know that it will go by really fast as long as I put my whole heart into my work as a missionary. 

On Monday, we taught T and her family at her house! It was really cool. We taught the Plan of Salvation. It was really awesome to see them interested. Her husband didn't really seem interested but the kids were! her oldest is 17 and he asked a whole ton of questions. It was sweet. We are hoping we can start working with her family. The only problem is she doesn't want to push them but I feel like she's pushing them away because she's afraid of pressuring them. We also saw the A's. He's in the bishopric. They are a cute couple. We showed them a video which you should totally watch called Bear Up Our Burdens With Ease. It's on mormonchannel or It's really good! Then we saw Jessica, a less active, who is super sweet. I really lover her a lot.

Tuesday, we went to the soup kitchen because we didn't have a district meeting. It was really fun! I love the soup kitchen. It's probably my favorite part of Hanford. It's really great. We taught J on Tuesday as well. I love her so much. She's so sweet. We taught the Plan of Salvation with a white board and she loved it. Sister Oberst told her while we were getting ready that she would always remember Sister Arruda and me. It really touched me a lot. I thought it was really sweet. I hope she always remembers us. We saw E and watched the Restoration with her which was really cool. She loved it. Then we ate dinner with the Harris family. They are moving to Utah next month which is really sad because I just met them and I hate seeing people leave! They are super sweet. I saw a book series I want to read called "Gables of Legacy" by Anita Stanfield (hint, hint). We went to the farewell as well. P from the soup kitchen took us and M was our chaperon. They seemed to click. P is hilarious and claims not to be religious...but I think he really does believe in Christ and God. He just doesn't like the people who claim and don't act on it. 

Wednesday we saw a lot of people. We saw B and K. They are great. I told them that when I fly back here for R's sealing, I'll try to see them...but it may not happen since they are south. We talked about faith. Wednesday was a rough day for both of us. We were both so tired. We saw I and taught her about the Atonement and Sacrament. We are trying to help her see what her priorities need to be. She's a recent convert. We saw Sister R. Her neighborhood kind of freaks me out a little bit but it's okay. We ate dinner with Sister couch who has a missionary out as well. She's super sweet. We saw the Berrett family whom I love. I just met them but they made me feel so at home. I love them. Then we saw T who could tell we were tired. She said a prayer for us at the end and it was really sweet.

Thursday, we went to the Remington and I played the piano while we played beanbag baseball. They loved it. We saw the H's and L told us that her husband was slowly coming around to the idea of church. We are hoping his heart will soften so that he will want to come with his kids. We ate dinner with the Dillons. They are sweet. We had ribs. They were really messy. Then we saw this Baptist couple, the M's. I love them. They are feeding us on my year mark :) They asked us to study "bride of Christ" in the bible...but I can't find it anywhere. Help?

Friday we went to the soup kitchen. It was good! I love them all so much. they are so sweet. It always makes me feel better to go there. Then we watched Forever Strong with T. He's an investigator that I love. He's super sweet. It was really good for him. He loved it. We went to the young women's dinner and got free food. An, a recent convert, bought us cupcakes. It was sweet. We saw the L family. I love them. They are so great.

Saturday, I practiced for a last minute musical number for the elders' baptism. I did Be Still, My Soul and just kind of...made it up. Someone taught me how to fancify hymns so I did that! We ate dinner with the Olmsteads. They are sweet. Then we saw H and her daughter. New investigators! But she basically wanted to convince us that we were we are gonig to see how her prayers are. We saw M! She loves us and she is grateful for us. The elders are goign to set a date tonight. Hopefully it goes well!

Sunday, as you know, was Mother's Day and I got to talk to you! I miss you all sooo much and I'm a little homesick, but I know I can do this and I know God will help me. I do need all the prayers I can get though! After we talked to you we saw B and K. We talked about faith and mothers. Then we ate dinner with the Greens. I love them. they are so sweet. We saw Sister Rider who is like a grandma to us. She's so sweet. Then we saw J. We did a scripture mastery chase with her! I love her.

There are three scriptures I want you to read: 3 Nephi 27:13 (about doing the will of the Father), James 5:8 (about patience), and 2 Thessalonians 1:4. I read them this morning and thought I would share with you. I'm going to start writing down a scripture a day to share when I email every Monday :) 

I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH! I miss you but I know I'm doing God's work.

Always <3,
Sister Abigail Reese


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