Monday, September 1, 2014

Picking Grapes in the Vineyard, Getting Dirty and Loving It!


When I was told that there would be a new bishopric this week, my immediate thought was how great you would be in the bishopric. I was right! I'm so happy and proud to be your daughter. I know that you'll do great. I know it is probably overwhelming. I never realized how much the bishopric did until I came out here and seen the many things that the bishopric do in this ward. It'll be busy for you, but you'll be more immersed in the Gospel than you have ever been before. I wish I could have been there, but I know that I am doing important work here. And when I come home, you'll be sitting on the stand with me when I speak! I'm glad everyone else was able to be there. We were all with you in spirit. I am always praying for you, but I will continue to pray for you in your new calling. I am grateful and humbled to hear of President Quenzer's blessing for me that was in your blessing. It really helps me to know that I am being blessed even when things are hard. I am glad to be here and I know I am doing good work. I also know that everyone is being blessed because of this experience.

That's how I feel as a missionary. I don't know so many of the members but that is why we are trying to go see all of them. Even and especially the less-active members. They are really important and you should always strive to fellowship them and visit them.

I'm so excited that they won!!! (Hunter's soccer team had their first games last week) It sounds like they are already playing better. I do remember that their first game was against Skyview last year and they won that one...but they are still doing better! I'm glad that he is doing well in soccer. It makes me happy!

This week was the last week of transfers. As I waited for the transfer call--which seemed to take forever, probably because I kept looking at the clock--I was jittery and tired and excited and nervous. And then it came. And I waited to hear either Sister Ard's or my name in the outgoing missionaries...and neither of us were called. What a surprise that was to me. We are staying together for this next transfer, here in Alluvial. I am not entirely sure how that will go. I love her to death, but she is my trainer so I'm afraid that it will be hard to take my mindset from her as a trainer to her as my companion. But hopefully it will come easily. And I'm hoping that we will be able to work in unity and to find those who are prepared for us. There is a reason that we are still together in Alluvial and I know that we will find out if we work together to do our best. We have gained so much member trust here that I know it will help us in the next six weeks. We have had members tell us that they are going to invite people to their homes when we're over and invited people to church and so many things! It's so great!

One thing that's weird about this transfer though is that Sister Ard and I are now the only sisters in the zone. And one of the areas in the zone is now closed. Missionaries are being taken out of it. It's weird because they've baptized twice this transfer and we haven't baptized at all, so if any area should be closed, it would be ours, but I'm glad they didn't because there is still so much work we can do in this area!

On Saturday, we had the opportunity to help in the vineyard. Let me tell you something: That is hard work. It's kind of like working at the orchard but different. It was hot and dirty and I LOVED IT! I took pictures so I have proof. Remember that picture of Marisa and I at Copper Basin when we're, like, three? That's how I looked on Saturday after the grape harvest. We picked grapes and we dumped them, laid them out on paper. They are making raisins out of them. It'll be really cool to see the fruits of that even though I don't like raisins. It was so fun though! I'll attach some pictures.

This week we had Sister Buenaventura for a day. We thought we'd have her to the end of the transfer, but we didn't. She was transferred to Turlock. She was in our zone but then she was with us and now she's in Turlock. I know she's doing well there.

I love you and I'm praying for you! I hope all is well, and I know you will do great in the bishopric. I love you!

Always <3,
Sister Abigail Reese


I did get Dad's email. It makes me happy to know that the Lord is aware of all of our family. I am not sure if y'all see it this way but for me this is a blessing that has happened for our family. I know it is. It's God's way of showing us what blessings come from having a missionary in the field. And now we have a family member in the bishopric. More blessings will come because of it. I'm glad I was "with you" on Sunday because I had this feeling that something was going to happen that included you and Dad and our family yesterday. I just knew. I could feel it. Heavenly Father is blessing us and I know a big part of that is because I am here. It is humbling and comforting that President Quenzer mentioned me in the blessing he gave Dad. It will help me remember that I am not only being blessed for being here but I am being blessed because Dad is serving in the bishopric. You'll figure out how you can help Dad and you'll be great for it. I know that this is a huge blessing for us, and you will start to see that soon. Even though it will probably be overwhelming at first. Dad will get to work with missionaries more!

I hope everyone had fun. I hope they are proud of me, because it helps me to know that they are. It gives me strength. I'm glad Brody blessed me. The prayers of children are strong because they have so much faith.

That's so cool! I'm so happy that they are finally starting to build that temple. How long ago did they announce it? At least a year and half ago, because we talked about it my senior year. Dad told me Hunter's team won their games. I'm so proud of them! I hope they continue to do well! It makes me happy to think that they are already doing well.

This week was transfers. Obviously you know that. I was waiting for the transfer call on Saturday, all jittery and exhausted and excited and nervous. When it finally came, I waited for the assistant who was saying it (I'm not sure which one it was) to call either my name or Sister Ard's name in the list of out going missionaries...and he didn't. trainer and I are staying together in Alluvial. I'm happy, I guess. I just hope that we can work together and that we can continue to help the ward and the members. I also hope that God will lead us to the people He has prepared in this area. I know there are many.

We got to work at the vineyard on Saturday! It was so much fun! I loved it! You should be proud of me. I worked hard, and you can tell by the pictures I sent to you! We had to get in the vines and find the grapes. I got so dirty. I didn't even worry about the bugs and spiders...well, not really. I just got up in there and tried to find all that I could. It was hard work and it was exhausting work, but I did it! I loved it too. I will have one more chance to do it next summer since I will be here two summers. Hopefully I'll be able to do it again.

We met with a part member family this week. It's a mom and daughter. The mom is the member. Her daughter is almost twelve and she is an...interesting character. She's sweet if you can connect with her. We watched 17 Miracles with them. You could feel the spirit so strongly in certain parts. Then Sister Ard and I both bore our testimonies at the end of the movie and it was so powerful. That same night we had to take Sister Buenaventura, a sister who was serving in our zone but was being transferred to Turlock, to the mission home. We were able to see Sister Clark and President Clark. It was so great and I love them both so much. Speaking of them, Sister Clark has a blog for the mission: Also her Facebook is Bonnie Campbell Clark if you want to add her. That would be okay!

I love you and I am continually praying for you all! I hope all is well. Tell Adam I said happy birthday! I love you!

Always <3,
Sister Abigail Reese

Also, I forgot to mention in the letter I got from President this week, he told me that I had learned a lot from a great trainer and that I would be a "great trainer...soon." So...I'll be training at some point in the future....Pray for me...please!

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