Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Sketchy Areas, Zone Conference and the Fourth of July

Abby's email from July 6, 2015

Dear Family,
So first of all, HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY!! It has been...239 years since that day in 1776. (I think I did the math right...and if not, don't judge; it's been a year!) This week was really fun! We went on exchanges so I got to learn from another sister--Sister Steed. She's super sweet and I'll talk more about that later (I have quite a shocking thing to tell you about that one).
On Monday, we had dinner with the O family. I love them so much. they are the best. She is the young women's president, as I think I told you. She has six kids--one of which is on a mission in New York right now. Then there are five others--there are three boys and three girls. It can totally happen! They are a really sweet family. They started talking about marriage (I'm not sure why) and were giving us advice on what we should do when we do get married. It was kind of funny. They are really sweet. Then we saw F. I love her. She's supposed to be getting baptized on August 8--so keep her in your prayers! I don't know if there will be any hold ups for that, but I'm hoping and praying that all will work out with her. I love F! (Moroni 7:27-28; Alma 34:8-10; D&C 19:16-19; 3 Nephi 11:32, 39-40)
Tuesday, we had district meeting! It was a really good one. Sister Putnam and I trained on "We Invite, They Commit, We Follow Up." It was a really good training! I'm quite proud of it. We kind of had to rush through it because we were running short on time. But it was good anyway. then we went to Panera which I still love. It's one of my favorite places! We saw the F. they are so sweet. They are a little odd but they are great. Brother F opened up to us about why he doesn't come to church! So now we have something to work with!! We are just going to start from lesson 1--the Restoration of the Gospel. Then hopefully we can reconvert him--or just plain convert him. Help the spirit work in him. We had an appointment with a potential --in downtown. It was really kind of scary but he wasn't home so we didn't see him. we saw the F. They fed us. they own a few Little Caesars. So they fed us pizza. It was really good! They are awesome. Super funny. We saw Fs again. It's really hard to teach her because she likes to talk but she loves everything she has been taught so hopefully there won't be any problems. (Alma 53:16, 20-21)
On Wednesday, we had zone conference. It was really good! We learned about planning, teaching, and finding. And we had a whole bunch of trainings about the eight fundamentals. It was held at my first area building! I was in Alluvial for a few hours. It was great! And really weird to be back. I remembered everything! We went on exchanges. It was fun! Except...you'll never guess what I did...I RODE A BIKE. (FINALLY!!!!)  We only rode for about two hours on Wednesday and two on Thursday but it was so weird! I haven't ridden a bike my whole mission and it was just...odd! It was fun at first but then it was...not fun. My butt hurt and my thighs hurt really bad. But that's okay! you should be proud of me that I rode a bike! We didn't see a lot of people but we did teach this sweet family. they are great. They are going to do an act of service for another family in the ward. (Alma 56:19)
Thursday we finished exchanges and it was good! Sister Putnam and Sister Cantrell found some potentials that we will hopefully try and teach soon. We saw … for dinner and it was...honestly one of the worst meals I've ever had. But I bit my tongue and ate it. Well, most of it. She made this gross looking stuff with peas and carrots and onions and I just...couldn't do it. but I ate! And then we had an appointment with a family! The P. They are great. Sister P is less active and has been for a while. And she has FIVE UNBAPTIZED KIDS. We are teaching them now! Well, kind of. Only her daughter and her daughter's friend were there this time but we are going back this week. She is in downtown...it's kind of sketchy. (Alma 56:44-48; 57:21, 24-25; 58:10)
Friday was an interesting day. We had a lot of appointments and a lot of them fell through. We did take a couple laurels out with us!! It was fun! At first, one of them was against serving a mission and was super quiet and shy, but by the end of our time together, she wanted to serve a mission! It was so cute. And now that she knows us, she trusts us and it was so cute on Sunday because we went to drop something off to Young Womens and she saw us and got super excited. It made me feel good to know that we helped laurels get excited about missionary work. We talked to a couple people and taught them a lesson. It was cool! Then we saw Sue. She thinks we're a cult and thinks we hold Joseph Smith too high...so we're just gonig to teach her and let the spirit correct. We had dinner with F and watched 17 Miracles with her! It was fun! She really liked it. At first, she thought they totally could have survived but then she realized that they really didn't know how. So it was good. (Alma 58:33, 39-41; 30:36...I FINISHED ALMA!)
On Saturday, we went to the Fourth of July breakfast and had a lot of fun there! It was really yummy. Then we had to weekly plan. We did teach the Ms'. R came home! She was in the hospital. She's so pretty. They are a cute family of recent converts. It was great! Then we ate dinner with the H’s at the apartment complex they manage. Then we spent the rest of the night with the O’s. And...I can play a song on the ukelele! Come Thou Fount. P, their son, taught me. It was fun! Then I learned a little bit on the violin. It was great! I LOVE that family. Oh, and they ordered me garments. I just asked them if they could help me do it on their computer...and then they paid for them...so I appreciate them beyond belief. Sister O was giving us advice too. So...they are great! (Alma 61:12-13, 17-18, 21; 62:41, 49)
Sunday was good. We had MCM and ward council and Sister Putnam and I both bore our testimonies in Sacrament. It was good! I'm glad I got to. I've become more confident talking in front of people. So it was good. We ate dinner with Elvis/Neal Diamond/Brother H! It aws good. We had enchiladas. He is so sweet. I love him. Then we saw F again. She's great. She didn't come to church though :/ We are trying to help her make it a priority. Her granddaughter wants to come so badly! She's so sweet. (2 Nephi 9:14; Alma 5:15-16)
This week was really good! I love serving here and I'm so glad I get to be here, serving a mission. I love California and i love this area so much. Thank you for your support and love. I can definitely feel it. I LOVE YOU ALL!
Always <3,
Sister Abigail Reese 

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