Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Transfers to Fresno, a Baptism and a Visit to My Old Area

Abby's email from June 22 (Hunter's Birthday!)

Dear Family,

I guess I didn't actually clarify where I would be in Fresno East. I'm not back in Cedarwood, though that would be really awesome. I am in King's Canyon with Sister Putnam! That's in Fresno while Cedarwood was in Clovis. (I did go back to Cedarwood for dinner yesterday which I'll tell y'all about tomorrow.) I'm loving the new area though! I'm just so grateful to be back in Fresno. It makes me really happy! I did find out that Sister Hamilton and Elder Bean will be in the Modesto Mission which breaks my heart just a little, but I know they are going to do great things there.

So this week was transfer week which means it was somewhat stressful and lots of missionaries said good bye. On Monday, we had preparation day which was good. I was packing throughout the day before we went to do stuff. I went to get a mouth guard because when I went to the dentist they told me to get one. (I think I grind my teeth in my sleep--thanks, Mom!) I think I got the wrong size though...I'm not quite sure what to do. We went to see T and her family on Monday because they are great. Also, we wanted to teach them. Haha. Anyway, we ended up just teaching her and her boys, K and H. H actually reminds me of...well, H. T's son reminds me of my little brother! Isn't that crazy? I told him that and he gave me a funny look. They are going to miss me. I just know it ;) then we went to see B and K because I hadn't been able to say good bye to them. We walked up and B was sitting outside and told me that they heard. Her neighbor, Pa, told them. We'd seen her a day before. So we went in and we talked to them for a while. K tried to get me to hold their baby because I love that little girl, but I wouldn't do it. I wasn't going to break the rules...as much as I wanted to. Then we went to see Sister C and her brother, M. I love them a lot. They thought that Sister Arruda was the one getting transferred and so they had her favorite cookies made. It was okay though. They are great and wanted to see me again before I go but they didn't have the time. Sister C gave me a gift though! It was sweet. (Alma 34:3-4, 13-16, 19, 31-33, 36, 38, 40-41)

Tuesday was kind of a hard day. I REEEEAAAALLLLLLYYYYY wanted to go to the farewell because Elder Judy was going home, Sister Wilkins, Elder Rainey, Elder Taufa...and a lot of others. We didn't get to though. We couldn't find anyone to take us and I was SOOO sad. It broke my heart a little. And I found out both sister Hamilton and Elder Bean were there so I missed seeing them :P But it was okay. the one thing I did get to do was say good bye to families I love. We ate lunch with a family in 1st ward. The A’s. They fed us seviche (sp?) which was seafood, tomatoes, avocado, lemon juice...and just everything I didn't like. I tried not to show it though. I ate some! Then we saw A because we hadn't had the chance to say good bye to her yet. She's the best. I love her. We were able to see J and S but M wasn't home so I didn't get to say good bye to her :( We also saw the G’s. They fed us. They fed us REALLY good hamburgers. I really liked them. We stopped by the S’s and while we were there, we found out we had a flat tire. And I don't actually know how to change a tire...so we ended going to the R’s (yes, Dad, I drove on a flat...it was scary) and Brother R and his son changed it for us. Then I got to say good bye to J. I'm glad I got to see those people but sad I didn't get to say good bye to the missionaries. (Alma 356:3, 20-21, 27)

Wednesday was transfers. Sister M’s brought me to Fresno and I was just so excited to be back. It is a little weird being back but not in the same area. Sister B is in our zone though! I'm so excited. I love her a lot. I'm so excited to be here. We went to see an investigator, S, who's really sweet. She is older and a little slow but she's great! Then we ate dinner with the H’s. She is a ward missionary. They are great. We saw Bishop Haroldsen and his family. They are so sweet. All the members here are just so loving and so welcoming. Then I got to meet our ward mission leader, Brother L. He's very quiet and shy. But the members I met were awesome. (sorry, no scripture today...we didn't do studies. Also...do y'all even read them?)

Thursday was good! We saw the F in the morning. They are pretty cool. Not really active but cool. She is pregnant and she likes to talk. We talked about families with them since they are about to have a baby. Apparently Brother F isn't usually as engaged as he was to this lesson. We then went to see this sweet old lady named W P. She's awesome. I really love her a lot. She just let us in and told us about her life. It was sweet. then we ate with a different family whose last name is P. He was the ward mission leader previous to the new one. I met him once! I went to be a baptism in King's Canyon when I was in Cedarwood. He remembered me :) We saw the R family. They are great. We are going to see them again tonight. Then we saw A M. She goes to C every weekend for her mom. She's sweet. (Alma 37:6-8, 17, 33, 36-37, 40, 44)

On Friday, we weekly planned. It was good! I really missed going to the soup kitchen and the Remington but it's okay. It's good anyway. We saw Sister E who is super sweet. We ate with the M family. K is not a member and has been investigating for a long time now. A was inactive for a while until she went to a baptism of a cousin or niece or something and then she just had this feeling she needed to come back so ever since her husband has been taught. He knows he needs to get baptized but he says there is just difference in doctrine holding him back. I am hoping he'll commit to be baptized this week. We also saw the B’s. They are great and super sweet. I love them. They were just so welcoming--just like all the members I've met so far. (Alma 38:2, 4-5, 9)

On Saturday we saw the Mb family who is this really adorable black family. Brother M was the first baptized last October or so and the rest of his family followed. they are great. Then I went to a baptism! A and A finally got baptized! Do you remember them from Woodward Park?? I got to go! I felt a little out of place since I'm not there anymore but it was good to see everyone! They were so cute that day. It was a really good day! (Alma 39:15, 17. Also, sister Jo said something I loved at the baptism: "It's a simple plan and a complicated life.")

Sunday, was Father's Day! (so HAPPY FATHER'S DAY TO ALL FATHERS READING THIS.) We went to church--it's the first time I haven't had church at nine! It's at one which is...eh. But it was good! After church we went to dinner with the K’s who are members from Cedarwood that I love. We didn't have a dinner and he invited us and the zone leaders because he's the high councilman over missionary work. While we were in the area, we stopped by sister R and the O’s. I really had to go to the bathroom. they O’s are going to be in Boise on July 24! I told them to go see you when they are there if they get the chance. Sister O said she would email you. It was really good to see them. And it made me feel really good that they were so excited to see me. I missed them. (Alma 40:12, 23, 25; 41:2)

I love being in King's Canyon again. It has been a lot of fun so far. My companion is still pretty new and doesn't have a lot of confidence in herself and she feels super inadequate which I'm not sure how to handle, but I'm doing my best. So far, I have been really patient and loving and it seems to work! I know we will do incredible things if we do our very best.


Always <3,
Sister Abigail Reese

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