Sunday, October 26, 2014

Abby is Doing Great!

I am finally getting caught up with Abby's emails.  It has been a hectic couple of weeks and hopefully it will slow down now and I will be able to keep up with Abby's emails weeklyThank you for your support of Abby! (I sent an email to Abby but for some reason she didn't get it, so she just responded to her dad)

This week was probably one of the hardest weeks of my mission so far. It was emotionally and spiritually draining, but I knew I had to push through. We have a new investigator that came out of the farewell this week. Her name is Cindy. She is the mother of Katherine, a recent convert. she is super sweet but she is so, so fragile. We met with her twice this week and hopefully will meet with her again this coming week. When we met with her on Friday, I was drained by the end of the lesson. It was only a little after noon but I was ready to give up. I just wanted to give up. But I didn't because I knew I couldn't. I talked to my companion about everything that was going through my mind. I was so overwhelmed. But I asked for a blessing from an elder who has been in the same zone since I came here. He gave me one of the most powerful blessings I have ever had. He promised me in my blessing that my headaches would get better. He also said that the Lord was proud of me for pushing through my trials. The Lord is aware of me and of what I'm struggling with and He will give me the strength to rise above my trials and afflictions. I need to hear that. Elder Hill (who gave the blessing) also said that Heavenly Father is preparing me to be the wife and mother that I will need to be in the future, but right now He needs me here in the California Fresno Mission. I know that's true. I just needed a little reminder. At the end of the blessing, Elder Hill closed with a promise: He said that the Lord wanted me to know that the Lord has prepared someone in our area for Sister Lunddahl and me to baptize this month. That, more than anything, gave me the strength I needed not to give up. It helped me so much to know the Lord knew part of the reason I was struggling. Everything this week was leading up to Friday for me, I think. It was hard and exhausting but it was one of the best weeks we've had, numbers-wise. That sounds terrible, but each number represents a person and that is what matters most.
We are also hoping to teach two boys--a ten and eleven year old. they are the nephews of our ward mission leader in Woodward Park. Their mom just died and they are now living with our ward mission leader. They aren't members and when we taught them the Restoration, one of them asked why they weren't baptized. It made everything so much better that day.

I heard Middleton is doing pretty good this year! I'm praying for them! I know they can beat BK. They need to play their hearts out and do their best and not make mistakes that could ruin everything for them. I'm praying that they will do that. I know they can.
We only have two investigators, one of which isn't really solid. But we are going to try to make her solid. I know that you're right. If she isn't baptized now, then we are just planting seeds. It makes me happy to know that we are planting seeds. I tell myself that everyday. It got to a point where I wasn't if I would ever see someone truly progress, but after the blessing I received, I know I will if I have faith and persist in this work. It's hard and exhausting and I don't know how I will be able to do it for the next thirteen and a half months. All I know is that the Lord is giving me strength daily. I couldn't do it without His help and I am very aware of that.
Gracie went hunting?? I didn't even know she wanted to go! That's way awesome! She reminds me of me at that age, which may not be the best thing ever. But with the testimony she has, I know she will be able to push through anything she goes through. Growing up isn't easy. I'm still growing up and it's hard, but I know she will be a wonderful woman when she does grow.
I loved Meet the Mormons. We actually got to see it a week before it came out. The last story really made me cry. It reminded me of my farewell and everything that went along with it. But I know I am here for a reason just like that boy is or was wherever he served for a reason. It also taught me that there are so many people who need the gospel--they just need someone to introduce it to them. I know that we as missionaries can be that light that they seek if we have the faith and courage and strength to do so. I am grateful for that.
My headaches are getting better. I failed to mention last week that I was getting a CT Scan on Thursday. I was told that our insurance would cover it, but I still should have told you and I'm sorry I didn't. I didn't want to worry you. I wanted to make sure nothing serious was wrong and I know that the Lord is helping me.
I can feel your prayers and I'm grateful for them. Thank you! What's going on with Summer and Courtney? I haven't heard from them in a while...I hope all is well. I love you and pray for you all the time!
Always <3,
Sister Abigail Reese


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