Tuesday, October 7, 2014

No Email for Abby...

Ok, so for some reason the emails mom and dad sent out didn't get to Abby before she was able to get to a computer, so she didn't get an email from either either of us! But as you will see, she was ok with it.  She is doing great and I am so grateful for you support!  Thank you!

Hey Mom and Dad!

So...I didn't really get an email from you this week except the short responses from my last email. I thought I'd be a good girl and write you anyway.

This week was really good. I learned a lot of things that were very helpful for me. We have a new investigator--Rosie, the one I was telling you about. She is super sweet and she's willing to learn more, though I'm not sure how open she is to it. We met with her on Wednesday and she asked us some questions about our beliefs and why we do things the way we do. She even came to church on Fast Sunday at the beginning of the month and she really enjoyed it! She said she was going to come again but she couldn't yesterday because she was out of town for most of the day so she's going to come in a couple weeks since it's conference weekend this week. (Which I'm super excited about!) We were able to both testify of how the gospel had helped us in our lives and I feel that the spirit testified through us. We had a wonderful meeting and we have another one this week. Continue to pray for her because I know your prayers work!

We have a few potential investigators. One's name is Pete. He's a referral we received a week ago and we were able to contact him on Wednesday this week. His brother just joined the church and he said he would be open and willing to learn more. He was super nice and gave us his number. We texted him but he didn't respond so we are going to go by and try to set up a time to come back this week. Hopefully we will be able to teach him and bring him closer to Christ. I know that if he wants to be, he is ready to receive the restored Gospel just as his brother was. He has seen how it has changed his brother's life and I'm hoping that he will want it to change his life too. You can pray for him too!

We also have Violet. She's a fourteen year old girl who has been taking the lessons for a while. We stopped by her house to see how she was doing and she was happy to meet us but I'm not sure if she really wants to learn more or if she was just saying that. Her neighbor across the street is a member in Woodward Park and has been her fellowshipper since she started taking the lessons. Hopefully we will be that push that brings her to have the desire and the knowledge to be baptized. She's really sweet, but I think she is somewhat afraid of what others may think of her, so hopefully we can help her see that it doesn't matter what others think as long as she's doing what god wants her to do.

Then there's Thomas. His mom is an inactive member and has been for years--long enough that he isn't a member. He's fifteen years old and really good friends with a young man in Alluvial. He came to the movie night last week and had fun. He always comes to the sports nights the young men have and he seems interested in learning more, according to his friend's parents. They weren't at church on Sunday even though they said they would be but I think it may be because she's not ready to take that first step to come back. She's sweet and kind and I'm not sure how much she likes missionaries but we will try our hardest to meet with her and her son this week.

The Lord is showing Sister Lunddahl and me what it means to be obedient and what blessings that brings. He has blessed us beyond measure this week and I feel we are finally starting to see the fruits of our labors coming to us in the form of people. It has truly been a wonderful thing to see. We went on exchanges with our sister training leader and she really helped me to see how to prioritize to make our time not only productive but effective as well. I know with all my heart as we continue to do that, the Lord will place those who are prepared in our path.

Have you heard about the Meet the Mormons movie?? I heard it's going to be really good! I would assume it's going to be in theaters in Idaho, but I could be wrong. It's coming here to Fresno and Clovis and the whole stake is so excited. They are inviting their friends! The point of it is to show everyone that we are normal human beings with problems just like everyone else. I hope that we will get to watch it! If it is coming to theaters near you invite someone and go see it yourselves.

I love you! I missed hearing from you, but I know you probably just didn't send it or something...I hope. Have a great week!

Always <3,
Sister Abigail Reese

PS Would you care if I got myself a Costco card?


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