Saturday, March 21, 2015

Another Transfer

Abby's email from February 9, 2015

Mom and Dad (and anyone else who reads my weekly emails),
So I've decided that I am going to combine the emails I usually send you two and then I will respond with a shorter email to the both of you so that it doesn't take up the majority of my email time! I hope that sounds okay! It will make my life easier and you'll still get separate emails :)
This week was hard. It was the week of transfer boards, which means President Clark and the assistants were figuring out where to put everyone all week. Sister Russell and I are staying together. We are excited about that, but it was a struggle to get there.  This transfer has been one of the hardest transfers on my mission. My companion and I struggled and I felt so, so alone. Also, I was being a little prideful. I just didn't want to change. I was blaming things on people that I shouldn't have been blaming things on. I wasn't willing to figure things out with my companion. But this week has been a week of humbling and figuring out how we can be a better companionship. There was one night this week, Wednesday, I think, where I kneeled down to pray and probably said the most sincere prayer ever. I just poured out my heart to God. I wasn't sure what was going to happen at transfers but I knew I didn't want this next transfer to be the same as my last one. God pretty much told me that I had been prideful this transfer and I hadn't trusted in Him as much as I should have. So that was a chastising and humbling experience. Then the next morning, I was studying about patience and humility in my personal study and it was a very...emotional time. I wasn't sure how to do it, but I knew that God wanted me to be a better person and a better companion and a better missionary. I was so pumped and ready to go. And then on Saturday...we found out the elders (Elder Cook and Elder Parkin) are being transferred out of Cedarwood. That kind of just...shot my determination and excitement about this next transfer. I have been struggling a lot the last few days. It doesn't help either that Sister Russell and I had to take a sister to the airport today because she was being sent home for medical problems. She is going to come back one day and I know she will be able to do it. I'm going to be there with Sister Bennion--who was her companion this transfer--when she comes back. It's going to happen.
We were supposed to have a baptism on Sunday, but M didn't come to church so she couldn't be baptized. I was so, so sure because, honestly, the only bright spot this week has been a baptism that the assistants had on Tuesday. Oh, and we have been doing service for old people--we've been playing games with them!
Oh! On a happy note, this kid had a birthday this week and we went over and gave him birthday cards! Sister Russell's was funny and mine was serious and he loved them both! It made this week a little better. He also taught me how to tie a tie. It made me so happy! I love it! I love the Olsen family. They have helped us out a lot.
I love you, family of mine. I know this email wasn't super upbeat and super excited about member missionary work, but I promise I am okay. Even though it doesn't sound like it. I'm struggling right now, but I promise that I know I can get through it, and I promise I am going to keep pressing forward. Please know I love being a missionary. I love it.
And I love you all and pray for you!

Always <3,
Sister Abigail Reese

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