Sunday, March 22, 2015

Another week

Abby's email from March 2, 2015

Dear Familia y...anyone else who's reading this,
This week was much better than last week. I actually loved it! We didn't find any new investigators, we don't really have very many progressing investigators, and we didn't see a ton of success. But ti really was a good week. We had a change this week between the two of us. We have become so much more open and happy and close. It has been an incredible thing to experience. I love Sister Russell so much and I'm truly grateful for the opportunity I have to be here with her right now, in the end of her outbound. It has been a struggle but we have overcome so much and now we have some fun! It's great!
On Monday, after I emailed you about feeling homesick, I asked my district leader, Elder Judy, for a blessing. He's great. I am so grateful to have him. Later that night after we planned, he called just to see how I was doing. It made me feel so good about having him as my district leader. He's a wonderful help to me and he makes us laugh all the time. I love it. He's so fun! We ate dinner with the Dunmoore family and they are super great.
Tuesday, we had a really awesome zone meeting. Both Sister Russell and I trained at it. All of the leaders in our zone--all ten of them--trained on what we are calling The Lord's Vision. President Clark was inspired when he got here and what was going to help our mission progress. I trained on our missionary purpose. It was super powerful and great. I loved doing it. President and Sister Clark came as well. It was kind of intimidating. We ate dinner with Bishop Brunsvik, his wife and his son Davik. It was really great. We saw the Russell family. He was our ward mission leader until he got released about a month ago. We played Spot It with them for a little bit and then we talked about missionary work. we saw a recent convert who is also less active. She is super awesome. I love her. She just needs to overcome what offended her and come back to church. She loves us too. Then we saw the Hutchasons. they are super awesome and they love us. It's great.
On Wednesday, we did some service for a street contact. Two elders, Elder Hernandez and Palmer, came with us. We painted fence. Elder Hernandez got paint all over me. I had paint in my hair. It was terrible. I had to shower again. Then we went on exchanges. I was able to be with Sister West here in my area and it was so fun! We came out together so it was awesome. We tried to contact a few less active, part members. Then we went to see E for fifteen minutes before dinner. We taught him very briefly the Plan of Salvation. then we ate with the Larsons who have family in my last area! They know people that I know! Plus, Sister West is serving in my last area too so that was cool for her. Then we went to see the Olsen family. We taught them the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It was great. I love them so much. they are taking us to the temple on Thursday.
Thursday we did some time and I figured out to do some family history! I found Grandma and Grandpa Lavon Luckey and was able to add them to my line but I'm pretty sure the date I put for Grandpa Luckey's birth is wrong...what year was he born? I would love to get Grandma's work done. We exchanged back and then had dinner with the McFarlands. they are super great. WE had lasagna which I love. We had a second dinner after that with S T and her boyfriend who is a recent convert. they are super awesome and super solid. I love them.
Friday we had MLC. It was fun. I love meetings. We were thoroughly chastised because as leaders we are expected to baptize. And we haven't all two transfers. But it's okay!  we are going to do lots better this month. We ate dinner with the Saunders family. They are great. they work at the temple so we talked about the temple and about Martin's Cove. It was great! Then we saw the Robertsons. i love them too. they are great. They are the sweetest couple ever.
Saturday we did some service in Sanger, which is a small town of...not very many people. Actually, probably the size of Middleton. It was fun. We laid sod and painted. I carried all of one piece of sod and was dying after was great. Then we ate dinner with the Freemans. It was really yummy. We also saw E and he was great. He read some of the pamphlet we left him. Then we saw D again. She was doing alright. She said she might come to church but didn't.
Sunday we ate with the McCauleys who are super awesome and super missionary minded. I love them. Then we saw Sister Robinson. She is great.
Oh! Sister Russell and I had an adventure this week. We drove way out east of our area. Everyone out there had a hill. And there is a little town called Academy and it has a population of 52. It was great! And we found some places that are totally not California-looking. It reminded me of home.
I love you all and hope you are doing well! You're the best.
Always <3,
Sister Abigail Reese

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