Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Abby thought she was dying!

Abby's email from March 9, 2015

Dear familia,
So I have a funny story to tell you! Once upon a time, I ate Taco Bell on Monday. After we were done emailing, we went home and I wrote a letter and then curled up on my bed because I was nauseous and in a little bit of pain. The next day was Tuesday, in which I woke up the same way but I thought I could run and I couldn't actually run. So I walked instead and then we planked. Which didn't help. I ended up curled up in bed for most of the day. It was great. (Abby's sarcastic voice chiming in here) And then I discovered something gross and not good: My stool was almost black! It was really disgusting and I knew it probably wasn't normal so we went to a member and asked her to look up what it meant online. Her immediate response was "You're bleeding inside!" Yeah...imagine my panic when I heard that. So we called our medical coordinator and she told me to call a doctor the next morning so obviously it wasn't that big of a deal but I was freaked out and thought I was dying, of course. So I called the doctor the next morning and he asked me a whole bunch of questions before telling me to call his office and set up an appointment. I did for that morning and a member drove us. I went in and saw the doctor. He did some regular doctor stuff. Then he gave me some things to put samples in...so I did that and now I need to take the samples in and make sure I'm not bleeding inside. But I'm pretty sure I'm not. My...stool...is no longer black. So don't worry! I'm not dying!
Other than that my week was pretty alright. Monday, we went to the Olsens' and did an FHE with them. It was really good. We talked about prayer and our relationship with our Heavenly Father. It was good.
Tuesday, we had our leadership meeting in the morning and then we got Pepto from our district leader for my stomach. We had dinner with the K whom I love. They have adorable children and they love missionaries. It was sweet. Then we went to the R family. I love this couple with all my heart. They are the sweetest. They gave me some meds for my stomach too and it helped a lot. We met with Bishop so he could sign our stake correlation form for the zone leaders. We talked to him about what we could do in the ward. It was good.
Wednesday was zone conference! I loved it! I learned a lot. Missionaries trained on the inspired vision and it was really awesome. I got to see a lot of missionaries that I love! And I was really grateful for that. Sister Isaksen left to go back to Temple Square that day so that was sad. I didn't realize how much I was going to miss her until she left. I wish I could have hugged her before she left but I didn't. It reminded me of when Sister Lunddahl left and I miss her sooo much. She's coming back in April! I'm so excited! We ate with the Heasleys and it was fun. They were telling us stories that were really awesome. Then we saw the G's. We haven't seen them in a while. K is still sick with no voice and it has been months! She told us we could come back though so maybe we'll go and see if we can help them anymore. Then we saw the H's. She had a lot of good dating stories. I loved it.
Thursday we got to go to the temple. It was really awesome. I went with a few questions in mind (like what school to go to) and I got the answers I needed (which was to wait until the time comes). There were a lot of things I learned this time around and I loved it. Next time I go I would really love to take a family name through if at all possible. After that we ate lunch and we did some mormon.org time. It was fun. Then we went on a "companion date" . It was great! It was really awesome! Then we went to see Sister R (who told me I was dying, basically) before went to our appointment with E. It was really awesome. We talked to him a lot about the Atonement. I know he will one day get baptized but we're hoping it will be sooner rather than later.
On Friday, we went on exchanges after we went to the doctor for me. I went to King's Canyon and we were in a ghetto! I'm pretty sure it was gang territory. It was fun! But don't worry; we had the spirit so we knew we were okay. We went to give a Bible to this man. Sister S, who I was with, has been struggling with some things so we talked for a while before we got out of the car. Then we got out and we met Y and S. They were great! He was in a gang before he was put in jail. He was super great and I really wanted to teach him. We had a super awkward dinner with a L family. Then we went to see a less active  family. They were awesome. They fed us weird Asian fruit that was...interesting. Then we saw the elder's quorum president. It was great. He was super awesome.
Saturday we exchanged back after Sister Smith and I did some mormon.org time and ate lunch. then we went to ice cream with the other sisters. And then Sister Russell and i went to a baptism that a member invited us to of her daughter. There were a ton of members from my last area there so I got to see a lot of people! It was great. Then we ate dinner and then we saw the Olsens'...again. It was awesome. I love them so much.
Sunday we missed ward council because our phone time didn't change. the daylights savings thing was turned off. So we missed it but we got to sleep in which was nice. We went to church and two return missionaries were speaking. It was good. One of them didn't know how to shut up. But it was a good talk. then we ate with the Smith family. They are great and said we were always welcome. They are a new one that we hadn't met before. Then we met with our ward mission leader which was good. We were able to talk about some things we wanted to implement in the ward that would help the area a lot. We're excited! We're going to work more with the youth. It'll be great. Then we saw Sister R. She's super sweet. Of course. I love her...even though she doesn't always help us be obedient. She was watching Once Upon a Time and I was dying! It was terrible...but when I get home!
The Olsens took us shopping today. they bought me a whole new outfit. A super cute dress with some super cute shoes and a super cute top and a super cute cardigan. I love it. And I'm grateful for them.
I love you all and hope all is well!
Always <3,
Sister Abigail Reese

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