Monday, November 2, 2015

Service, More Service and Halloween!


Dear Family,

This week was a week filled with service. We had a ton of service hours--we helped the O’s with their backyard. It was so fun! (Yes, Dad, yard work was fun!) We were basically taking tree branches to a pile to be burned but we had to cut them down because they were huge. It was fun though. I loved it. It was a work out too. I had fun throwing leaves and branches and berry-looking things at P and C. And L too, but she's just so sweet, I couldn't always do it.

Monday we ate dinner with the O’s, of course. i love them so much. They are pretty great. It was fun! I loved it. They had really good food, as always. Sister O also did our laundry so that was really nice too. We saw the C’s. I just love them. Brother C shared his conversion story with Sister A. It was pretty great. They are doing pretty good. They just lost an uncle or something so they went to Hollister this weekend for the funeral. (2 Nephi 9:3)

Tuesday we found a new investigator! Her name is M M and she is so solid. She is really open and so prepared. She came from a member. She was a member referral, as all of our recent converts have been. I just love her. She is really great and asks really good questions. She's awesome. We went to the airport to pick up Sister A's companion, Sister A. The assistants were with us, one of which is an elder I came out with. Elder Mo'O. He oh so kindly reminded me that I was going to be there in about five weeks (now four). He'll be there to say good bye. We started doing service for the O’s. It was great! Then we had dinner with the R’s. They are really sweet. We saw the P’s. I love them so much. I hope they know that. We saw Brother H. He's doing great. I just love him so much. (2 Nephi 2:48; Alma 23:6)

Wednesday, we had zone meeting. It was probably the most spiritually exhausting zone meeting I have ever had. And not even in a good way. I felt like I was a terrible missionary afterward. And I won't go more in detail about that. We did service for the O’s again. They are great. Then we ate dinner with the D’s whom I had never really met so that was fun. We saw the R’s family. They are great. I love them a lot. That basically concluded our night. (Mosiah 3:18-19)

Thursday, we did more service and it was so fun! I just love them a lot. Also, Sister O helped me make Grandma's rice krispie treats! They were so good! Except I forgot the butterscotch chips so they weren't as good. But they were still really yummy. We ate dinner with the H’s who are great. I really love them. While we were there, Bishop took a question that one of his daughters asked about what you could write as a testimony if you aren't sure if you have one as a teaching moment. It was good for me. We saw the T's. They are pretty sweet. We saw H and C. They are really great. I love them so much. (Mosiah 4:6, Alma 25:17)

Friday we did more service and did some weekly planning. I just love the O’s. They fed us dinner before the Halloween Trunk or Treat. We decorated our trunk with was kind of pathetic but we walked around and said hi to people most of the night. It was pretty great. It brought back so many memories! I don't even like Halloween, but as a missionary it's great. WE get to spend it with members! We taught M and it was a good lesson on prayer. Then we saw Brother H for a few minutes. He's great. (Mosiah 14:3-7)

Saturday was a pretty unproductive day. We did some service for an inactive woman who was going to get evicted if she didn't clean her garage. That was fun. I saw a mouse that crawled on Sister W and it scared me so much. She ran out of the garage. It was pretty funny. We finished weekly planning which took forever and then C picked us up for dinner since our cars had to be parked at 6. It interesting couple hours. We started to play Life but then C took us to the O’s. That was fun! We sat around a campfire and played Telephone and then we played Mafia. C killed me! I was so hurt! But it was because he knew I was the doctor and also I've been throwing things at him all week so it was payback...I understand. Sort of. It was a good night! (Alma 27:18)

Sunday was a really good day. We had church and I bore my testimony! I don't know if you're aware but it is my last fast Sunday yesterday. I thought I'd share my testimony with them. It took me most of the hour to actually get the nerve to get out of my seat, as you probably know. But it was good. Then before Gospel Principles, I got frustrated with a sister in our ward and I thought I may have offended her so after the class, I apologized. It turns out I didn't actually offend her but I thought I did. In Relief Society, we were talking about miracles and Sister W asked us what miracles we had seen today. This same sister raised her hand and said, "A sister who thought she had offended me today apologized. That doesn't happen to me very often and that is a miracle to me." If I hadn't apologized--because I really didn't want to--this woman wouldn't have been touched and I would never have known how much she needed it. She came and gave me a hug after Relief Society and I felt more love for this particular woman than I had ever felt. It was cool. We ate with the F’s. I love them a lot. We saw the B’s whom I also love. They said we are like family. Then we saw Brother H. We were sitting in our car outside his apartment and we were praying. At the end of the prayer, as I was saying amen, I looked up and opened my eyes and let out a blood curdling scream. There, at our window, was Brother H and his girlfriend, S. Brother H was waving his arms like a bat or something and it scared the living daylights out of me! It was pretty hilarious though. I was just a little shaken by it. (Alma 29:9)

 I love being a missionary so much and I am so grateful for this experience. I wouldn't be who I am without it and I am so grateful for the time that I've had. I love all of you and I know I couldn't have gotten this far without your support.

Always <3,

Sister Abigail Reese


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