Monday, November 2, 2015

Transfer Week, Farewell, and Sister Arruda!


Dear Family,

This week was really good! Not a ton of interesting things happened, but it was alright. Transfer week is always crazy though, and that it has been. Even though we weren't transferred, we housed two sisters--Sister R while she waited for her companion and Sister A now while she waits for her companion to come from the Philippines. She gets here tomorrow so today is our last full day with her.
On Monday, we did not do much. Just the usual. The O family fed us, like always, and it was really good. We had a good time with them, as usual. We saw F. It was good. Sort of. We had a hard time teaching. We need to be better at that with F, but we are getting there. She is slowly progressing--or so we thought. she didn't come to church yesterday like she said she would. We saw H after that. He is doing well, just progressing very slowly. They are reading the Book of Mormon together and taking notes! He writes down his questions for us to answer. It's great! (Alma 17:10)
Tuesday we didn't do very much. We didn't have a very productive day. We did have a district meeting--Elder V's last. It was so sad. He's home now. It's super weird to think. His flight plans were exactly like mine are, I think. Crazy. We went to the H’s for dinner. They are great. It was just K H and the kids. Her kids are crazy but they are super sweet. We went to the O’s next. She took us to the farewell. It was great! I loved it. The P’s came and Elder V got a picture with them. It was sad to say good bye to him. OH GUESS WHAT?? ELDER MO'O IS THE NEW ASSISTANT!!! You remember him? I came out with him! He's one of my elders. I am so excited. I'll see him more often!! It's great! We took Sister R home with us this night so that was cool. (D&C 10:4; 123:17)
Wednesday was my 17 month mark! Can you believe it has been 17 months since I entered the MTC? I remember it like it was yesterday, and yet it's faded. It's like a dream but not. I feel like so much has happened in such a short amount of time. Weird. We saw Sister J that day and then we ate dinner with the H’s. They are really great. We saw the P’s too. It was fun! They are remembering things so well. Then we saw the R family. They love us. It is really sweet. I just love that family. We saw C because H was out of town. So we stopped and kept her company for a little while. Then we saw Brother H. I just love him so much. (Alma 17:11--my ponderize scripture!)
Thursday, we were in the middle of our studies when the assistants called. They asked us if we would be willing to take an extra sister for a few days--five, to be exact. And it was Sister Arruda! We were companions in Hanford! So, of course, we said yes. We had a really productive day with her though. We found two new investigators! P M and S! Different places but it was cool. We stopped by the R’s briefly. Brother R is pretty blind. But he's cool. We saw the B’s for dinner and met their granddaughter R. They are great. We saw I last that night and then had to get Sister A a mattress to sleep on for the next five days. Brother M helped us out. We found an apartment that was her apartment number but someone lived in that one. She thought we were breaking in. So then we found the RIGHT apartment. It was cool!
Friday we weekly planned. Sister A and I had a good conversation at lunch. We are working together again well. It's great! We saw A M before dinner. We got her address to send her records there so that was really good. Then we ate dinner with Sister V. She's really sweet. She has the cutest baby. Then we saw the U’s. It was good! F said she was scared so I think she's afraid to make the commitment. We saw F and J next. I love them so much. They are great. (Alma 19:23)
Saturday, we saw Sister N who was supposed to feed us but she gave us money instead. Then we did Then we did a service project. It was fun! It was a lot like the dental care thing we did. We saw the U’s again at the church for a church tour. We think she needed it. She has come to church before but she just won't get baptized. I don't know why. We saw Brother H last of all. He's awesome. I just love him. (2 Nephi 2:3, 6-8, and for Hunter and any other young men out there [or young women]: Alma 57:21-27--they were youth like you!! They are valiant!!)
Sunday was crazy. We had a good day at church, of course. Brother H texted us the night before and asked if we could teach the priests about how to use the pamphlets so we did that. It was pretty cool. Sister A and I taught Sister P! It was really cool. the spirit was definitely there. We saw the W’s for dinner and then we were supposed to have an appointment with a potential but she wasn't there. It was sad. But we saw Sister D! I just love her a lot. We taught H again. He was finally home. It was a good lesson. We watched more of conference. We need to figure out how we can help him make it a priority. But I really love that family. (2 Nephi 2:28, D&C 121:45-46)
I just love being here. I know that everything I've done has been really great. I love being a missionary. Thank you for your support and thank you for all your prayers. I LOVE YOU ALL!!

Always <3,

Sister Abigail Reese



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