Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Abby's New Haircut

Abby's email from March 23, 2015

Dear Familia (and all others viewing this email),
This week was probably the best week of the transfer--and it was also the last week before transfers. Transfers are on Wednesday. And I am getting transferred out of the Fresno area and down south...to Hanford. I am absolutely terrified but I know there is a reason for it! My new companion is from Brazil but I'm told she speaks English. She has been out for three months--so she just came out of training. It'll be really interesting to see how she's doing now. I'm pretty sure I get to drive a truck down in Hanford. Yikes! I hope I don't crash it...there have been too many accident here in the CFM. I don't want to be another one!
So Monday was good. Sort of. We got to see one family--the Robertsons. We know they will always let us in. No one else was answering their door. So we went to the Robertsons. Oh yeah! Also, Elder Judy, Elder Berry, and Elder Diaz were trying to teach me how to play basketball...Can you picture it?? It was great! I had fun :)
Tuesday, we had district meeting. Sister Russell and I gave a training. When Elder Judy called us on Sunday night to ask if we would give a training, he didn't tell us what to train on. He told us to go to the Lord. We asked how we were supposed to know and he explained like we were 5 that we needed to "kneel down and ask God." It wasn't helpful at all but we prayed about it and on Monday night we actually got this article about a sister missionary and everything she learned. So I was thinking about that when I studied and we decided to talk about what we as missionaries had learned on our missions, why we decided to serve, and ultimately who we are. It was probably the best training I've ever given. President Clark told me one time that being a missionary is only an extension of who I am. We talked about that in our training and it was really spiritual. I was so proud of it and so glad we got to do it. I was able to express how much I love those missionaries. I hope I got it across because I have come to love our district of six so, so much. I am so sad that I have to leave them. My district leader has helped me so much and the sisters have become some of my best friends. I hope I will one day get to see them again. Probably since I've been out longer. And I can't even express how much I love Sister Russell. I'm so sad that I won't get to spend her last two weeks with her. It's killing me but I know it will be okay. We went to the Hutchasons. They are the sweetest. i'm so grateful for the opportunity we had to get to know them. I'm so sad we have to leave them. We also saw R, a recent convert. She doesn't yet know that we are leaving so I'm not looking forward to it.
On Wednesday...a disaster happened. We went to the Hutchasons to get our hair cut. Sister Hutchason's sister did it for us. I showed her a picture of what I wanted--I wanted it shoulder length in the front and shorter in the back, an A-line just like Courtney said I should get (I think). Well...basically what this crazy woman did was chop my hair off! She just took a chunk of it (which I 'm pretty sure you're not supposed to do, right??) and cut it waaaaaaayyyyy too short! So we had to get it fixed on Thursday by a member who is actually a professional. She reminds me so much of Courtney, it's crazy! That's probably why I trusted her so much. It looks awesome now, right? I got to read the text Hunter sent to Ashley, the member who sent the picture and it was so sweet. I miss him. he still needs to email me! We went to the Olsens in tears on Wednesday after my haircut. (Well, I was in tears.) They made me feel better and they are the ones that took me to get my haircut on our lunch hour the next day. It was great. And the senior Sister Olsen took us out to ice cream. It was sweet. We saw the C's. She is so sweet. I love her. She loves missionaries but they haven't been coming to church. Hopefully the elders who are coming here will get in more than we have been able to. We went to dinner with the Wilcox family. I loved it! I had leftovers, of course :) Then we saw R again and mostly finished her new member lessons. We're so proud! We've been working on it forever. Then we saw a less active who has come to church once in the last 47 years. He is great. We are teaching him the new member lessons--well, now the elders will.
Thursday I got my hair fixed! And I'm a beautiful Sister Reese...well, I've always been that right? Now I just look 20! It's wonderful! I got to spend the morning with King's Canyon. It was awesome! I love those sisters so much. We ate dinner with the Robertsons at the Habit. It was awesome. Then we saw E! I love him. I'm going to miss him. He is coming to the farewell on Tuesday AND HE CAME TO CHURCH YESTERDAY!!!! WE WERE SO HAPPY! FINALLY!!! Alright, I'm done. But I'm going to come back when he gets baptized. It'll be great! We also went to the park right before we headed in for the night. It was fun! We talked about everything we had done.
Friday was Sister Putnam's birthday! So we celebrated at Burger King. I gave her a journal that I wasn't going to use--one that wasn't really given as a gift so it was all good. She liked it! We then did weekly planning. It was great. then we saw Sister Robinson whom I will also miss so, so much. She's so sad we are leaving. We will have to see her before transfers. Then we had dinner at the Linfords'. They were great. I love that family. he's the young men's president. he's super great. We also crashed Clovis ward's party! Well, the end anyway. And the elders saw my hair! They all loved it, of course :) And my district leader and his companion did too. Elder Berry was teasing me and made me jump really high to give him a high five and then moved his hand. But it was all good! I love him. He and Elder Judy are two of my favorites :) I just love everyone!
Saturday was the best day ever! WE GOT TO MEET ELDER M RUSSELL BALLARD!!! It was amazing. We got to shake his hand and everything. And I got to see everyone from the MTC. It was the best. I haven't seen Sister Hamilton in forever. And all of my elders, of course :) They all thought I looked great too! It was awesome. Not that that is what matters. What matters is that we got to see each other and we got to listen to Elder Ballard speak. He's pretty awesome. I will tell you what I learned later because I'm running out of time. We got to teach Eric again. He's awesome of course. I love it. We got a call from President in the middle of planning and he told us I was going to Hanford 2 and Sister Russell was going to King's Canyon for two weeks before she leaves. I'm so sad to leave but I know it will be okay. Everything is inspired. I know that to be true. We called Elder Judy and Elder Berry to tell them and I was happy that they would at least miss me. And we are doing a district lunch tomorrow one last time just for me!! Also, Elder Judy's birthday is on Saturday and I have to say good-bye and give him gifts (shh!). He leaves in June. Hopefully I'll see him before that.
Sunday we had to break it to everyone that we were leaving and it was stake conference so it was hard. I'm sad to go and I talked to President Clark a little about it. His oh-so-comforting words were "It's still in the mission" referring to Hanford. I'm sad to leave but I know it's for a reason. I've learned so much from these last three months and I can't wait to share it all with you in a couple months on Mother's Day! That's in about eight weeks. I think. Or something. Not that I'm counting. We got to eat with the Luke's and he is an amazing cook! I love him! Then we went to the Russell's and jumped on their trampoline and got an awesome mid air picture. And we played with their puppies. They are adorable!! We saw the Robertsons too. I am going to miss them all. I love all these people. It's sad.
Today we went to see Elder Gayan who was in a car accident last week. He was in ICU for a while but he's out now and he's accepting visitors. We got to talk to him briefly. It was sad because he's in so much pain and I didn't realize how much I looked up to him until now. He's supposed to go home this week but they can't send him for at least ten days. I am praying for him and it would be awesome if y'all could too. He needs it. We also went to Far West Books. I spent a lot of money there but a lot of it was birthday money so it's okay! I got Elder Judy birthday gifts too.
I LOVE YOU ALL! Hey read Alma 31:30-38 (I think). It's an awesome prayer that Alma gives that Elder Hallstrom shared on Saturday. Thank you for the support you are and the help you've been.
Always <3,
Sister Abigail Reese

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