Tuesday, April 14, 2015

More Sickness...But NOT Abby this time

Abby's email from March 16, 2015

Dear Familia,
So this week, as you can see from the subject line, was another week of sickness. But this time it was my companion who was sick, not me. (Also, thank you so much for being concerned for me last week when I thought I was DYING. Really appreciate it...haha, just kidding. There was no blood. So I'M OKAY!) It was a rough couple days, having to be in the apartment for two days. I didn't enjoy it all that much. I DID get to go through some things so I'm going to send a box home probably next week or the week after since next week is the last Monday of transfers and today we just don't have time.
This week was...alright. It wasn't bad. I have been battling with homesickness and with some anxiety. But other than that it's been pretty good. Monday we had dinner with the J's and a less active who just lost his wife. He wants to take the missionary discussions because he hasn't been to church in over forty years. We didn't teach him that night but we are going to this week. He is a very talkative man with lots of stories. We were late out of there because he was so talkative. We went to the S's afterward. They thought they were feeding us too but we had already eaten. I felt bad though, so I had a little bit. It was taco salad so I loved it! They are the most hilarious people ever. Brother S just makes me laugh so much. Hunter would like him a lot. (Speaking of my stinker of a brother, HE NEEDS TO EMAIL ME! OR WRITE. Whichever.) Dad would get along really well with him too. He's funny and we're hoping he will be our new assistant ward mission leader (SH! Don't tell anyone!). He would be great at it. They invited us to a super awesome party they are hosting on Saturday, which is also when Elder Ballard is coming, but he won't be with us that night so we may go to the party and fellowship nonmembers. It's the best way to do it, right??
Tuesday, we had just about the most amazing district meeting I've ever been in. Our district leader and his companion are so, so inspired. We got in there and at first one of the zone leaders was going to join us but then he had to go do something and our district leader followed him out and asked him not to join us. So we ended up just being the four sisters and two elders. (Poor Elder Judy; he has a district of sisters...all of whom are pretty emotional.) He started off by saying that he knew each of us have been struggling and so he and Elder Berry thought the best thing for us would be to talk about the enabling power of the Atonement. That just touched me and I lost it then. they showed the Mormon Message, "Mountains to Climb" and it was so good and I was balling through the whole thing. Watch it when you get a chance. then Elder Berry talked about how the Atonement has helped him. then Elder Judy got up and said that he was going to show videos because Apostles can say it much better than him (but I think really he was feeling the spirit too and didn't want to cry too much). So we watched "Lessons from Thomas S Monson" (I think) and then "You Never Know." It was super spiritual and i got so much out of it. Elder Judy then got up and bore his testimony about the Atonement and how much he loves us all and wants to help us. His eyes were all red and I just wanted to hug him. But of course, I couldn't. He said something--well a couple things--that I want to share: "Those people out there need us. they need us on our good days but they need us on our bad days too." That kind of hit me hard because I feel like I've had a lot of bad days these last two transfers. Then he said this: "No earthly pain, no heavenly gain." I absolutely LOVED that. So much that I want to make, like, a Pinterest pin with it on there. It's totally true, especially as missionaries. I've learned so much being out here and that training really taught me exactly what I've learned. It also really helped me to know what I was struggling with. I hope you all understand the Atonement. I hope you all rely on it because it is the gift God has given us of His Only Begotten Son. We need to help God keep His promises. It was a really spiritual day and I'm so grateful for it. We went on exchanges with Sister Smith and Sister Putnam after that. Sister Smith was with me in our area. We had a blast. I wish I could be her companion...but I realized something: I can only have six more companions at most because I only have six more transfers left! Crazy right?? We went to a baby shower--we crashed mutual. It was so fun and we got to talk to some of the girls. I feel so good when I'm with them, because I know they look up to me and it makes me so happy.
Wednesday was when Sister Russell got sick so we didn't do anything. Elder Judy and Elder Berry brought us soup and a whole bunch of other random foods. I ended up going through clothes and other things I need to send home. Thursday she was sick too so I stayed inside again. Elder Rainey and Elder Wells brought me some church movies to watch so that was really sweet. Elder Rainey is a marine from Idaho! Mud Lake. do you know where that is?? We did go to our dinner. We went to this really yummy burger place called The Habit. We should go when you come pick me up! It's the best. Sister Kharazi took us to Wal Mart afterwards and bought Sister Russell medicine. It was great.

Friday we had weekly planning and we actually had a really good session. We talked about things we were both struggling with and it was really nice to be able to talk it out. I loved it. I felt a whole bunch of weight lift off my shoulders. We ate with the Sassellis. Well, actually, just Sister Sasselli. She made spaghetti and we talked about family history work! It was great! then we had a really good lesson with E W. Sister Luke came with us. She was really awesome and helped out a lot. then we saw the Hutchasons. They are the best. OH speaking of them, her sister is going to cut my hair on Wednesday and I was wondering what y'all would think if I cut it really short...like just below my chin. I'm debating but I'm not sure! Lots of people have told me to do it...but I don't know.
Saturday was good too. We finally caught a recent convert. She's really struggling. She is awesome though. I love her. We went to a baptism to help with it but I almost wish we hadn't...someone corrected me on the way I lead music and I was trying not to be offended...just by the way she said it. But it's okay. I'm over it. Mostly. Then we ate dinner with the Olsens. I ate ALL MY FOOD. Be proud of me. How often does THAT happen?? We saw Sister R after that. She's great. She has a lot of struggles too, and we were teaching her granddaughter but we're not anymore. I'm kind of sad about that.
Sunday we went to the Hutchasons again and this is when we decided to get haircuts. They are the best. Then we ate dinner with the L family. they remind me SO MUCH of our family. It was great! They were super weird and super loud and super funny. It just reminded me of our family gatherings. It was awesome. Then we met the assistants because we found Elder Parkin's scriptures. I miss them so much. There will be a new assistant this transfer. We are waiting to find out who. We saw the Robertsons next. I absolutely love them. He printed out an article for us about a sister missionary and all she learned on her mission. It was her last email home before she came home. It was really cool. I'm going to do it before I come home.
We went to the zoo as a zone today! It was fun. I got more pictures but not as many as last time. We saw some really cool stuff though.
I love you all and I'm so grateful for the support you've been for me. I hope you know I always pray for you and you're always in my thoughts. I LOVE YOU!
Always <3,
Sister Abigail Reese

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