Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Four Investigators in Church, Two Baptismal Dates, and Zone Conference!

Dear family,

This week was so, so amazing!! I loved it! We had a lot of success and a lot of lessons. It seems like forever ago that last Sunday when I was struggling was and yet it feels like yesterday that I entered the MTC...time is weird here in the mission field. 

So on Monday, we taught T FHE at the Ss' home. We taught about obedience and prophets and church attendance. To be honest, it was kind of a boring lesson, but our lesson for tonight is going to be a lot of fun! I'm excited to teach it. T enjoyed it and two of her sons were with her. It was good to see them. We just need to figure out how to engage them more. We also had FHE at the G family's home. they are great. I absolutely adore the family. They are awesome. We talked about the Plan of Salvation and I shared my favorite poem--Footprints. I love that poem so much. We then saw J S. She is a less active who just hit her year mark a few days ago of being a member. She is one of the sweetest girls ever and she wants to serve a mission! I love her. She has been reading the Book of Mormon and she loves it. I'm glad we've gotten to help her.

On Tuesday we had district meeting. It was really good. I loved it. We went to see I. She is really sweet. She is a recent convert. She struggles with some things in the gospel but we did teach her about patriarchal blessings and I think she really wants one now. I shared my experience with my patriarchal blessing. Without it, I wouldn't be out here. Then we saw Sister R. She is a less active that is really sweet. She loves us and I hope we are helping her. We also ate dinner with the S family. I love them. they have three of the cutest little girls ever. And Brother S served a mission in Japan! Also, he lived in Idaho for a while growing up. His family moved when he was on his mission though. We had MCM and talked about E's baptism, which unfortunately did not happen on Sunday. But it's okay! We just rescheduled it so that we could have more time to prepare. It will happen this Saturday at five Cali time. I'm so excited!! She's so ready. We saw her after MCM and reset her date. We taught her the last part of lesson five so she's done with her lessons! We do still need daily contact with her this week--Satan will attack. 

On Wednesday, we ate dinner at the Ss house with E. Sister Arruda's birthday was the next day and we were celebrating with them. She made chicken scampi which was actually a lot better than I thought it would be. then we had homemade ice cream! I love homemade ice cream. We stopped by T..and invited her to be baptized on May 2!!! At first, she was a little iffy on it. I didn't want to be pushy but I just had this feeling that I needed to be bold. So I was. She wanted to be baptized in August but the more we talked about it the more open she seemed. And...she texted us the next night and asked if May 2 was still available!! She is getting baptized on May 2! Which is right before transfers so God's hand is definitely in this. I am so grateful for it. I love T so much. I know I was meant to be in Hanford for her and for E at the very least. We saw J again and talked about the Book of Mormon and what she had learned. It was great!

Thursday we had zone conference. It was so fun! I got to see Elder Nielsen. I haven't seen him in a really long time. I talked to him afterwards. President Clark talked a lot about how our mission will be in direct correlation with our activity in church after our missions. I am determined to make it the best seven months of my mission--I don't have that much time left and I need to make it count! We saw an inactive that we found a couple weeks ago. His girlfriend isn't a member and we are going to try to teach her. They just had a baby. She's adorable! (We'll have to teach the law of chastity...) Then we had dinner with the Ms. They are a cute Baptist couple that love missionaries. They are great. they took us out for Italian food! We taught the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It was great. E's interview was Thursday too. she passed! She's ready! Then we saw the Ss. They are the sweetest old couple. I love them.

On Friday, we went to the soup kitchen. they were really sweet and bought pizza to celebrate Sister Arruda's birthday. They also got ice cream for us. It was so sweet. I love the people there. Then we saw the relief society president Sister Barth. She gave us some less actives to go see. We saw T and taught the Word of Wisdom. She drinks coffee but she told us she doesn't need it and we commited her to live the Word of Wisdom starting this day! It was really awesome. Then we saw the Ms. They are a less active family. They are great though and they lived in Idaho too! It made me so happy!

Saturday we helped set up for the Mormon Prom. It was fun! We helped with food and Sister Henderson and I decorated the food table. It looked really cute afterwards. The lady in charge was a little crazy though...super perfectionist...worse than me...I think. We went to see a less active, B G. She called and asked us to stop by. She's super sweet. I love her. Then we saw a recent convert/less active named L. We read from the Book fo Mormon with him and he said he would come to church!

On Sunday, we had FOUR INVESTIGATORS at church. E came, T and her son K came, and T, a ten year old we're teaching, came. It was so cool! I was so happy! I want to always remember the feeling I had during sacrament. K loved church too! he's eleven and we were nervous. We saw E and taught her about prayer. She is just so ready to be baptized. We saw J and talked about the things she had learned. She told us she wants to serve a mission. We ate dinner with the Haroldsons/Mataaliis'. He's our ward mission leader (Brother Mataalii). Then we went to the Ls. They are sweet. They have a gorgeous house that I love. I hope they weren't offended we stopped by. Then we saw K and B again. We taught the Plan of Salvati0n and B had a lot of questions. New investigator!

It was a really awesome week and I'm so grateful for that. I love Hanford. I'm trying really hard to completely love Hanford. I know two reasons I'm here. I'm grateful for them and I love them.

I love you all! Thank you for your support!

Always <3,
Sister Abigail Reese

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