Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Soup Kitchen and an Old Folks Home

Abby's email from April 6, 2015

Dearest Family,

This week was actually a pretty good one! I loved most everything about it. I really hope that our weeks will continue to improve.

On Monday night, we taught an investigator in a members' home, the Greens. They are a super awesome family. They have a sixteen year old daughter and she is really sweet. They are really good fellowshippers for T, who we taught at their home. We taught her the gospel of Jesus Christ--faith, repentance, baptism, the gift of the Holy Ghost, and enduring to the end. It was good! She was late though so we had to do a modified lesson. then we had FHE at the Haroldsons. They are great. They love missionaries. Our ward mission leader lives there too since they are his in laws. They have a crazy house and they have family getting mission calls! It's the best. then we taught a recent convert. He's super great and we watched The Testaments with him. It was really aewsome. We couldn't finish though because we had to get home. I hate getting home late because then it takes longer to plan for our day. One of our goals is to plan within thirty minutes. My companion wasn't super fond of that idea at first because she felt like I just wanted to get it done and I wasn't following the spirit (which kind of hurt a little bit, but then I explained). 

Tuesday we were supposed to go on exchanges but Sister Arruda couldn't find her Tiwi card so she could drive so we didn't go. We did teach E though. She's super sweet. We talked a lot about the Atonement with her and God's will. It actually really helped me too. I love her. She is super ready--she just needs to take the step of faith. Then we saw a less active, Sister Ramirez. I love her. She's sweet. Her husband is great too. Then we had dinner with the Andersens'. they are a great family. They have a beautiful house and lots of grandkids. I love them. We were able to teach J again as well. It was a good lesson. We taught some of the Plan of Salvation and the spirit was definitely present.

On Wednesday, we went out with Brother Robison. He took us to a less active that he knew and the less active wasn't home. We found out that most of his family is unbaptized though. We are going to try again! then we went to see T with him. He invited her boys to scouts and the oldest one was pretty interested. We think the Robisons will be great fellowship for them. We had dinner with the Whiteheads. They are sweet. Then we had a good lesson with a less active man. We taught the Resoration. He is pretty unknowledgeable about the gospel since he hasn't gone in years. We saw a family and committed them to share the Plan of Salvation pamphlet with friends. They are really sweet. they brought us Easter candy on Saturday night. It was so sweet.

Thursday, we got to serve at the Remington. It's a nursing home. I love it. They are super great old people and they told us we are the funnest volunteers. I think we're going to start going twice a week with the elders. It's going to be fun!! We saw I, a recent convert less active member. She's sweet. She isn't praying though. We are trying to get her to pray. Her husband is...interesting. He's a member with a lot of conviction but I wasn't sure what to think of him. We ate dinner with a cute old lady. She's sweet. She told us her life story. Then we saw the Greens again because all of our appointments fell through and no one was home. (It was also spring break in addition to Easter...put a wrench in our plans.) We showed the video "Because He Lives." You should watch it!

Friday we worked at the soup kitchen. I love those people so much. They are super awesome and they love us. It makes me happy. We ate dinner with the Milnes. They are great. We got to decorate eggs with them for Easter. Then we saw a member family. They are super sweet. We only talked to Sister T but she was great. Then we saw A, who lives in our apartment complex. She's sweet. 

Saturday was general conference! I loved it! We watched it at the stake center and I took a lot of notes. I got a lot out of the Saturday sessions. They are always so great. I loved the focus on families. It was great. We saw  a recent convert. He knows what he needs to do--come back to church. Hopefully he will.

Sunday we watched general conference. I kind of wished we could have watched it at the stake center because it was really noisy in her house with all her friends. But it was okay. I loved it anyway. I loved Elder NIelson's talk about the Prodigal Son. And then Elder Holland's was great of course. It reminded me that God is never going to let us fall--He's not going to let ME fall while I'm out here. We ate dinner with the Obersts'. they are an interesting family. they have a missionary out too. They have a whole wall dedicated to him. They have plotted out all his areas and his companions! We then saw the M's, investigators of sorts. They are really not...we just practice teaching on them but they seem like members! they are going to take us out to dinner this week, I think. We saw the L family. I love them so much. B is super solid and J has a strong testimony. I love seeing solid recent converts and less active who have come back.

I love being a missionary. this week I've been thinking about family a lot though, especially since general conference. I want to make the last part of my mission the best part and I'm hoping I will be able to do that. 


Always <3,
Sister Abigail Reese 

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