Monday, October 12, 2015

Abby's Newfound Self-Confidence


Dear Family,

This week was alright. It was up and down all week. But it was better than last week which is really great! Nothing huge happened, just a lot of little things. I am no longer terrified of my own shadow. I got over it so that's good news!

On Monday we got to go golfing! The O family took us before preparation day was over. It was so fun! I loved it! We were SOOO sore the next day but it was worth it. It was very stress relieving so that was nice. We went out to dinner afterwards with them. Oh AND I got to drive a golf cart. It was fun! P let me drive :) We went to the Old Spaghetti Factory and I got an Italian Soda and then got to keep the cup! I will probably send it home in the next few weeks because I don't want to have to transfer it and it break. We saw F and taught J the lesson we had taught on Sunday on the Final Judgment in Gospel Principles. She loved it. It was modified because we didn't have as much time but she really liked it, as far as we could tell. (Mormon 5:11, 14, 23)

Tuesday we didn't have a district meeting like usual because of transfers. So we watched S for just a little bit do her Taekwondo. We finally officially met the J family! They are a cute young couple, part member. They met in Germany. They are so sweet! Apparently P, the nonmember, is taking the missionary lessons from the Hmong elders. It's easier, he says, since he can't be in a room alone with us. I don't know if  he wants to get baptized. He gave us a hug before we was interesting. He made armor! I will send a picture. He is really cool! We taught the P. they are great. It was a really good lesson. P cried and opened up to us! She just wants to be a good mom. It's sweet. We ate dinner with J and the Spanish sisters. It was fun! I love them a lot. Then we got to go to the farewell. Fs took us. It was a really great one. Lots of people I know are going home. I saw Sister Arruda there and Sister Monson and Sister Smith and lots of missionaries I know and love. It's great. I got to see some people from Cedarwood because they came to see Elder Cook and Elder Parkin. Both of them left :( I'm so sad! but it's okay. I'm sure they are doing really great. (Mormon 7:5; 8:14-15)

Wednesday we saw quite a few people. We saw Sister J. Her apartments scare me. There are some men there that talk to us whenever we're there and they asked for a ride to church from us but we can't give it to them. They smoke weed. It's kind of gross. We try to avoid them. They make me really uncomfortable. We had lunch with Sister Ounesavath. She's trying to help us be healthy so we made skinny broccoli mac and cheese. It was actually really good! We had dinner with the S family. they are sweet. Both are converts and have a really great story. We saw M. She's sweet. She is so excited for her baptism on Saturday! It'll be at 7 because the young women get back from girl's camp that day. Then we went and saw F and J. They are really great. I love them a lot. J says I'm mean but I discovered that it's really a loveable thing. (Mormon 9:12-13)

On Thursday not a whole lot of people answered their doors. It was kind of sad. We didn't see anyone till around four and we got to see the R. They are super sweet. They are my old couple in this area :) Brother Rs collects coins and he is going to get me some Idaho ones, and Sister Putnam is getting Kentucky ones! It'll be great! We ate dinner with the L family. they are super great. I love them. then after that we didn't see anyone else. There were some things we needed to do and we didn't get to see anyone else though we did try. No one was home :( (Ether 2:5, 25)

Friday was weekly planning but in the middle of it we went to the mission office. Sister Putnam had to meet with President so we were there for a little over an hour. I helped some of the office couples with some things until she was done. I think he helped a lot. I love President Clark. We ate dinner with the Haroldsens--Bishop and his family. We had two dinners on Friday and both of them fed us lasagna. And Sister Haroldsen made ├ęclair cake! It was SO GOOD. Tell Keri I want her to make some when I get home! We saw the F and talked a little about our identity as daughters of God. We then saw F and watched the Testaments. It was good! But F had to leave in the middle of it and J was up and down all the time for the baby. So we left them the copy and asked them to watch it themselves. (Ether 3:4, 9; 4:12)

Saturday was good! We taught a lot of people. We taught the P since they didn't come to church yesterday. They went to Corcoran to see her brother. It's a little town. We talked about the 10 commandments and the law of chastity. We think they may have a problem with some of them...but we're hoping not. We saw the Ms. They are great. R has some struggles but she is doing better. WE showed Finding Faith in Christ. We then saw Sister P and met her friend R. He's thirty years younger than her and thirty years older than us! He's really nice. They are in a convalescent home so it's kind of sad. We ate dinner with Sister Osborne and then we went to the J. I am worried about them. they have so many problems and she's pregnant. But I know God will provide. We saw F and J again. It was great! I love hearing about her Native American stories. (Ether 6:4-8)

Sunday we had a lot of church and then we ate dinner with the Fites. I love that family so much. Sister Fite is great and her kids are so funny. I learned something really cool though: I am not insecure anymore! I mean I have some insecurities but I am a lot more confident than I used to be. But I love who I am now and I am not ashamed of it! It's great! We saw Brother H because he wanted to tell us a story of how he gave away a Book of Mormon. It aws really cool! He showed us a little bit of where he went camping too. It reminds me of camping at Copper Basin or the property. they had a tent trailer until they built the cabin! Then we saw F again. We talked about how there are no prejudices anymore :) (Ether 7:27; 1 Nephi 19:9)

I love being here. I am so grateful for this experience. I have changed so much and I know I wouldn't have if I hadn't come out here. Thank you for your support!


Always <3,
Sister Abigail Reese

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