Monday, October 12, 2015

New Investigators, Temple Trip, and the Atonement


Dear Family,
We had a pretty successful week! We found a lot of new investigators--a family! It was the best. I have been studying a lot about the Atonement. It has been some really powerful study sessions. Sister R gave us an Atonement packet to study and it is really neat. I love it! I have learned a lot about what the Atonement is. I read a talk by President Faust. He talked about how the Atonement is all about grace. Christ is there to step in for us and He needs us to come to Him. He won't let us suffer alone, even when we are the reason He suffers, even when we sin. He won't make us do it alone. And I know that to be true because I have experienced that. He hasn't ever let me do anything alone. Every time I feel like I am overwhelmed or whenever I feel sad or alone, I just kneel down and I say a prayer. I give it all to God. the moment I do that, He helps ease the burden. I can feel Him with me everyday and I am so very grateful for that. I have learned to rely on my Heavenly Father, now more than ever. I love it. I love Jesus Christ. He is my Savior, my best Friend, and I have a relationship that will last for all eternity with my Savior and with my Heavenly Father. If you ever feel alone or sad or depressed or you just need to let go, pray. God will answer your prayers. I know it.
On Monday, we had a family home evening with the Ounesavaths after preparation day. We are doing another one with them tonight! And they are taking us golfing in about an hour and a half. I'm so excited! I love them so much. They have truly been a light for me here--not that I've really needed it. I haven't struggled a ton in this area but I know that they are always there. They love us for who we are. We are honorary members of their family...sort of. Haha. They are great. We saw M at the Hs'. It was awesome. We taught the Restoration! I loved it! And then we saw F. J was asleep already. I love F so much. She didn't make it to church last Sunday or yesterday :( We're trying to help her make it a priority. (Matthew 26:39)
On Tuesday, we went to the temple! I learned a ton at the temple. It was one of the best sessions I have ever been to. I just felt so accomplished. I had prayed that morning to Heavenly Father to help me know if I was making the right choice if I went to BYU I. I really wanted to know. I wasn't sure if He would answer me because I didn't need to make the decision quite yet. I walked into the Celestial Room and I sat in a chair. I had this feeling to go get a Book of Mormon so I waited until an elder was done with it and then I picked it up. I sat back down and flipped it open. I read some of my favorite scriptures randomly but it just wasn't an answer. It was all about missionary work and how if I hadn't come I wouldn't have helped those I've helped. And then I turned to Alma 7:19. GO READ IT RIGHT NOW AND THEN COME BACK. Did you read it? Okay. Good. So I read that...and how it says that "I perceive that ye are on the paths of righteousness" or something like helped me to know that right now I am on the right path. It may change in two months but right now I'm going in the right direction. (PS I got accepted to BYU I!!) It was a really great experience. Then I went into the sealing room and I could see myself for eternity. It was awesome. We saw Sister Dale after lunch. Sister F, our ride to the temple, got us Little Caesar's pizza! It was free too! She owns the place. then we saw the Palmisano's. They are the best. I love that family so much. They are really learning and growing. Then we saw Sister P. I love her. She loves us coming over. And then we found a new investigator named P. He is so open! He wants to get baptized but he wants to understand first. He doesn't speak English; he speaks Lau so we have a translator. We saw Sister D and she is great. We finally got back with the R family. They are super sweet. I missed them. IT has been so long since we've seen them. (Alma 7:19...if you didn't already read it)
Wednesday we saw Sister J and then we had to pick up Sister Parshall because she was with us for the day. She is SO FUNNY. And she was really good with everyone. She goes home in September so she's nearing the end. We found FOUR new investigators! A family! There are actually six of them but only four who can get baptized. They aren't married, the parents, but they want to be so we asked Bishop if he could do it for them and he said he would! They were supposed to come to church--we found a ride and everything!--but they had an emergency so they didn't come :( We saw Sister P next and she is super sweet. Then we had dinner with the B. Their daughter got married in Las Vegas which is where Sister Parshall is from so she was super excited. Then we went to Mutual. It was a Mr. Right activity. Apparently I'm going to marry a recent convert who is a baseball phenomenon. Yeah...interesting right? Haha. We saw the P. They are great. Sister P is sweet and is thinking about coming back to church. It's great! (Psalms 22:8)
Thursday, we had district meeting. It was a good one! We talked about talking with everyone which I'm working on. So it was really good for me. We saw the F. They are sweet. We are trying to help them strengthen their testimonies but we can only do so much. We had dinner with the L family. They are great. Sister L is really sweet. We usually do our laundry there but today we did it at the Ounesavaths. We taught P at the Ounesavaths after dinner. He is super great. I love him. It's weird with the translation but we had a good lesson with him. (Matthew 28:6; 1 Nephi 1:15, 20)
Friday we saw Sister L and she is sweet. I love her. She has cancer but she is so inspiring. She told us she isn't worried because she knows the Plan of Salvation. She knows she'll be with her family again. We saw the P. They are so great. I think they are really learning and they are changing. They start school soon though so we wont' be able to see them as's scary at night where they live. We had weekly planning. Then we ate dinner at the H's house. He is our new ward mission leader so it was good. We then saw F and J again. We hadn't seen them for a while so we stopped by and we were actually able to sit down with them. It was great. (1 Nephi 2:3)
Saturday was probably the worst day in history. Well, not really. But it wasn't a very good day. We had three appointment set in the afternoon and all of them fell through. It was really sad. I was sad. We did go to the relief society activity that morning. We did service and learned self defense. It was great! I can now protect myself...maybe? We talked with O on the street and he was really open. We gave him a Book of Mormon. Then we saw F. It was good! We hadn't seen her in a while. Then no one answered their doors and we ended up getting a late night fro yo. Sister H was there and she paid for it. It was nice. But then we lost our keys so we had to go back to the church. It was really sad. It just an all around bad day. It was sad. But it's okay! The next day was pretty good. (1 Nephi 3:7; 4:6-7)
Sunday we had church. A lot. Remember the taquitoes you used to by me?? Sister L bought me some! They are so good! I missed them a lot! So I've been eating them for lunch. Of course, I'm sharing, which is hard, but it's okay! The P came to church!! And so did P. A and S were supposed to--the family we found, the G--but they didn't. We did eat with the F who are super awesome. THEY HAVE WANDS! HARRY POTTER WANDS! H has Hermione's, Tonks', Cho's, and Cedric's! then Sister F had Luna's. IT WAS SO COOL! I HAVE TO GO TO DISNEYWORLD. It just has to happen now. They are the funniest family ever. I absolutely love them. They just make me laugh. AND they know me well enough now that they can tease me. It's great! We saw F and J and committed F to test the Word of Wisdom and give up coffee for two weeks. I told her I knew it came from God and she argued that God answered her too, and that coffee is good for you. So...we need prayers. WE are trying to help her be converted. It was a good lesson! (Al;ma 31:38; 1 Nephi 6:4)
I love you all so much! Thank you for your support! God loves you!
Always <3,
Sister Abigail Ree

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