Monday, October 12, 2015

Unanswered Doors, Exchanges, and a Baptism!


Dear Family,
This week was kind of...touch and go. We had a lot of really crazy things happen and a lot of people who didn't answer their doors. It was really sad. I don't know why no one answered--either that, or they were busy. But it's okay! We still had a lot of success.
On Monday we had preparation day. We didn't do anything too crazy. Just wrote letters. (I'm still waiting for letters ;) We saw the Fs. We aren't sure how to help them feel better at church. They came last Sunday but yesterday they didn't show up. We haven't seen them for a while since Monday. I love them a lot but I feel like they need more than we can give them. We will do our best though. We went to see M to touch on some things before her interview on Wednesday. It was good. Then we saw the L family. She does our laundry for us so we had to pick it up. We hadn't eaten dinner so they fed us dinner. It was burgers, which is Sister Putnam's weakness. So it was good. (Ether 9:35 D&C 59:5)
Tuesday we had a zone meeting! It was really good. My favorite training was probably Sister Parshall's. She gave a training on the Atonement and showed this video called Missionary Work and the Atonement. It was really good! It made me cry just a little bit. The Assistants were there too so it was good to see them--it has been  a while. they were my zone leaders in Hanford at one point. I miss them. We did some service for Sister V who just moved into the ward. Her husband is not a member of the church. We met him though and he's really nice. We helped her paint some rooms. It was really fun! I love painting. I'm not sure if we were a help or a hindrance but I think she appreciated it all the same. We had dinner with the F. I absolutely LOVE that family. They are so funny. they have a daughter who is four. She is so funny. She interrupts us just to tell us something really simple and silly. She didn't let Sister Putnam and I leave until we watched her do something on the stairs--that is, lay on them. It was really fun. OH AND THEY HAVE HARRY POTTER WANDS!!! I took a picture with one--Harry's! It was the coolest thing ever. Made my day. We saw Fs and J too. It was good. I love them so much. It does my heart good to know they love us too. We then saw the L. I have actually met them before. Their parents are in Cedarwood and I ate dinner there one time with them too! It was so funny to realize I knew them. It was awesome. I love that family. (Ether 12:4, 6, 27)
Wednesday, We saw Sister J. I nearly have a panic attack every time we go over there because there are these guys there who make me super uncomfortable--they are usually smoking weed. But we talked to her and she said to call her when we get there and someone will open the gate for us. So that's taken care of. We saw the Rs for dinner. They are so sweet. Brother R lost his sight but he's getting it back! We saw F and J and that was really good. And then we had M's baptismal interview. She passed! There were some things we needed to work on with her but she was able to get baptized! Elder Mcgovern was awesome with her. (D&C 42:22; 1 Corinthians 3:16-17)
Thursday, we did service for Sister Ounesavath! We hadn't seen her all week and it felt so long. We thought she was at girl's camp, but she had been home all week. Crazy right?? We spray painted some things for her. It was fun! C helped me a little to get underneath the diving board. We saw Sister P. She is just the sweetest lady ever. I think she was sad when we had to go but we did leave her a little uplifted. We saw the A for dinner. Brother A wasn't there. He is in the military and he's getting ready to go on a year deployment--two days after their baby is born! Sister A is so sweet though. She is super cute and pregnant. We saw F and J again and then we went by Brother H. he is the best. He was kind of sick but they let us in anyway. I sometimes feel like they don't like us coming even though I know Brother H loves it. His son-in-law and daughter live in the same complex and they told us if we are ever in danger (because our complex is sketchy) to come knock on their door. We've had a lot of those offers. (Moroni 1:2-3)
Friday we did some more service! For Sister Ms. Sister Putnam swept up feathers--which took forever--and I washed her dishes. It was great! I actually like washing dishes...even though I complained about it a lot at home. We had exchanges next and I was leading the area which I really didn't want to do. Sister J was really sweet though. We went to see a family Bishop asked us to see, the T family. He knows French and Japanese because he served a mission in Japan! They hadn't been coming to church but they came yesterday so it's good we went by. I tried Creme Brulee while we were there. It was actually pretty good. We ate with the M--K! He made us the best mac and cheese ever. It was spicy but it was so good. they missed Sister Putnam but they gave us leftovers. I miss going over there. I really love that family so much. We saw M and she is doing so good. She was so excited for her baptism. Then we saw Frances and Jo because no one else answered their door. We talked about charity and the tree of life with them. Well, with F. J was in bed. It was good. (Moroni 7:5, 18)
Saturday we were still on exchanges. We drove all over and no one was answering their doors. We did contact a part member we'd been trying to see so that was good. We found a new investigator! R. He was a former and he was super nice. His girlfriend, J, wasn't there but we set a return appointment for next Saturday. It will be great! We saw the J family. They are in a rough situation and I'm not really sure how we can help them. Then we exchanged back before we saw the M. It was good! Brother M invited a friend to our lesson. she wasn't interested but she was nice and one day she might be interested. We ate dinner with the K family. It was good. Then we had our BAPTISM! It was such a good baptism. President Clark and Sister Clark were there and I was TERRIFIED because I spoke on baptism. But I didn't act nervous even though I was completely shaking inside. It was a really sweet baptism. Our ward mission leader's first--and last. he got released yesterday. It was incredible. (Moroni 8:3, 18, 26)
On Sunday we had church, all day. M was confirmed. NONE of our investigators came! The P were supposed to be there but they didn't show up. I guess it was probably a good thing...second hour was rough. But it's okay. We ate dinner with the H and then saw this less active family, the T. It was good. They are really sweet. Their son plays a bajillion instruments. Like every instrument known to man. It's crazy! We contacted a referral, M. He has some potential. Then we tried by a few other people before we headed home. And...well, we almost died. I swear. We walked into our apartment. It was dark. I set my stuff down and then turned on the light. I really had to go to the bathroom so I told Sister Putnam I would be back. But as I started to walk toward the stairs, my heart stopped. There was this ginormous spider just chilling out on our floor! It was the most terrifying sight in the world. It was huge. I told Sister Putnam to come toward me. She looked scared because of my reaction. Then she saw the spider and we were both freaking out. It took us thirty minutes to figure out what to do. We argued for a little while about it. I was on my chair and she was on the table. Then she got down from the table and went to the kitchen while I watched the spider. She brought out two pans and a cutting board. I grabbed the area book. I stood on the table and tried throwing the area book on top of the spider. It didn't work--just injured him. We both screamed because he started moving. I'm sure our neighbors thought we were dying but no one came to check. Sister Putnam tried dropping the cutting board on him but that didn't work either. Finally she got brave and smashed him really hard with one of the pans. Then I stepped on the pan. It was the scariest moment ever. I was panicking inside and I didn't know what to do. We weren't going to clean it up though so we called the elders and they disposed of the spider for us. It was a very terrible ending to our day. We are going to see what we can do about keeping spiders out... (Moroni 9:22; 10:7, 18, 30, 32)
Thank you for all your support. I love y'all so much and I am so grateful for you! Know that God LOVES you and He wants you to come to Him. I know that this gospel is real. I know it as I watch others change because of it. the Atonement matters. Rely on it. He will help you through all.
Always <3,
Sister Abigail Reese

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