Monday, October 12, 2015

The O's, Participating in Mutual, and Lots of Randomness


Dear Family,
So I don't actually know if "randomness" is a word. But it is now! And plus, the spell check didn't mark it wrong so it must be a word. This week was pretty boring but I feel like I learned a lot! It was kind of a long week and I was so tried by the end of it. But we get to sleep in on Sundays since we don't have to run so that was nice.
This morning, I was reading the talk called "Truly Good and Without Guile" by Elder Ringwood from last conference. I am trying to finish all the talks before this conference but I don't think I'll be able to since I'm not even halfway through. But it's okay. I know I'll get what I need to out of them regardless. This talk was really good though. Elder Ringwood talked about how we don't need titles or position to be worthy of the Lord. He said the most admirable people to him are those who are truly good and without guile. To me, I think it means to serve without expecting recognition, praise, or anything in return. I really loved it. He talked about a mission companion he had on his mission who never had any leadership positions and didn't know the language very well even though he had been there for a while. He said this missionary was one of the best missionaries he had met. He talked to his mission president who said, "God knows how successful this missionary is and so do I. And now you do too. who else matters?" I loved that because it reminded me that God knows my success and my mission president does. Who else matters?
On Monday we ate dinner with the O family (who we saw every day this week except Friday...hence the subject line). We also had FHE with them. We watched a Mormon Message called Strive. You should all watch it. It's great. I love them a lot. We had an appointment that cancelled on us so we ended up going to see Brother H. I just love him so much. He's so great. He is one of my favorite people. It was a good day! (2 Nephi 33:7)
Tuesday we saw the O's again for lunch! We had leftovers from dinner. We also had zone meeting to which Sister Putnam and I were late because she had an important appointment. I learned a lot! I need to strengthen my testimony of the Book of Mormon. We saw K Fl. She's sweet. She was due on Monday but she hadn't had the baby yet and I'm not sure if she's had her yet now either. We had dinner with Sister P and her boys. It was fun! Then we had an appointment with the P's to which we were also late as we usually are. We had a good lesson with them. They are praying for answers! They weren't able to come to church yesterday because they were in Sacramento. It was sad. But next week! I hope. We saw M and the H's. I love them so much. They are the best. (D&C 82:10)
Wednesday was a really successful day! We saw Sister L in the morning who has a lot of healthy problems. She is just the strongest woman in the world though. I love her. I really look up to her. She's  H's mom. We saw L N from Cambodia. It was interesting. It's always...interesting when we go over there. We saw Sister D. We haven't seen her in a while. She's very sweet. We ate dinner with the H and Brother H. It was good! We had pillows for dinner! for real, though. We actually had pillows. Chicken pillows! They are bread with chicken inside. It was yummy! Then we taught I T who is eight. But he doesn't know if he wants to get baptized. His dad is a member, very active. We are trying to help him understand why it is important. I spoke at mutual! They had a fireside on why mutual is important and I mentioned to Sister O that I had always just gone because my parents always sort of made me (even though I still had free agency :) and she asked me to speak. So I did. And it was really cool to see how that had strengthened my testimony. I really am grateful that I went, even though it was torture at the time, haha. The spirit was really strong. It was great. We taught H after that. He's still set for baptism on Saturday but I'm not sure if he'll make it. He still hasn't received an answer. We are seeing him tonight though so hopefully all will be well! (Jacob 3:1-2)
Thursday, we stopped by a few people in the morning and met this nice old man at an elderly living apartment complex. He was nice. We have a member who lives there but she hasn't been there for a while. We went and did service at the Poverello house! It was fun! We cut tomatoes. You know how much I love tomatoes....not at all. But I liked cutting them! We diced them, actually, so now I know how to dice tomatoes. We saw the O's again for some reason. Oh yeah! It was because she texted us and told us they were broken was scary! The kids were a little freaked out. The younger ones anyway. So that was scary. We ate dinner with the S's. It was good. WE had sloppy joes! I love those. We finally contacted a referral, Fabien, and he is now an investigator! He wants to get baptized but says he isn't really a church person. He is a part member family. His mom is in our ward. They are very sweet./ We saw Brother H again. That was great! I really love him a lot. He has a lot of cool stories and testimony building stories. It's awesome. (D&C 46:30)
Friday we did service at the Poverello House again! That was fun. this time, we made sandwiches for the sack lunches they give out. It was good. Then we went to the Spaghetti Factory with the F. That was really good. I really love it. We saw the D. They are the sweetest. They are getting ready to get sealed in the temple. They want us to go with through with them when A gets her endowments but I don't know if we can as missionaries. I'd really like to though. 71that would be cool. (HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DAD! You're getting so old ;) (Jacob 5:71)
Saturday we...saw the O's again. They got new puppies! They are Doberman Pinchers. They are really cute. They remind me of Duke when he was a puppy...or I guess he still probably acts like one...even though they don't look anything like him. We had dinner with the M! We watched Joseph Smith: Prophet of the Restoration with them which always makes me cry. It was good though. I love it. (Enos 1:4,15, 26-27)
Yesterday we had some good lessons at church. The high councilman who spoke talked about this man who wanted to sail to the South Pole and he when he was looking for his crew, he advised in the paper that it was going to be hard and they may not return from the adventure. He talked about how this man sailed a long way and his goal was the get everyone back alive. And he did! They found an island and he took the ones who were the least exhausted to get to the nearest island which was 800 miles away, South Georgia, or something like that. He said he could feel someone else there other than the men who were with him. It had to be the spirit. Then in Relief Society, Sister Howard talked about pride. I'm prideful, I've discovered. This wasn't news to me at this point, but I am prideful. I wish I wasn't. I'm working on it. I need to be better at being happy for other people's success. But I know God will help me. We ate dinner with the H! It was fun. Then we contacted a referral named J. We are goign to see her again this week. She's sixteen. We saw the U. It was good. F is doing okay. Then we saw Brother H again! I love him a lot. He enjoys us coming by. It's great. His girlfriend was there so that was good. We could go in because of that. (Mosiah 2:17, Also, I learned when you love someone, it results in their conversion)
I love being a missionary. I'm so grateful for this opportunity. They time is flying! Today marks my sixteen months...and I can't believe I made it. I love you all! Have a great week!
Always <3,
Sister Abigail Reese

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